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[REPORTS 2020] Maryland Faces COVID-19 Crisis in Prisons Without Immediate Steps to Decarcerate

The nonprofit Recidiviz has created an online model built specifically for institutional populations that projects transmission of the COVID-19 virus using state-specific data on the prison population, age distribution, and steps taken to mitigate the spread of the virus. The model predicts that Maryland’s prisons will soon be overwhelmed with individuals infected with COVID-19.

As of April 26th, Maryland reported 207 positive cases in its prisons. This includes 157 staff and 50 incarcerated individuals. The model predicts that number will rise to 791 incarcerated individuals and 331 staff within a week. In two weeks, 2,661 incarcerated people and 662 staff are projected to test positive for the virus. In only three weeks, 6,474 incarcerated individuals and 1,418 staff are projected to test positive for COVID-19. At that time, nearly 600 incarcerated individuals and staff are expected to be hospitalized and 589 staff will be unable to work.

The model projects at the peak that nearly 1 in 5 hospital beds in the state will be occupied by someone who contracted the virus in state prison.

Read the full brief and data chart:


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