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Statement on the conviction of Derek Chauvin
Last summer, America stood transfixed as it watched, over and over, footage of a police officer…
Victims' Voices Left Out Of Criminal Justice Reform
Quotes JPI's Senior Fellow Mai Fernandez.
Two long-sought bills that would change parole for inmates advance in Maryland
Quotes JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler.
The unending COVID-19 disaster in Maryland prisons
Interview with JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler.
Let’s End Solitary for Youth During COVID—and After
JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler Michael Umpierre, Director of the Center for Juvenile…
Bill would prohibit charging children 13 and younger with crimes
Cites JPI's "Education Under Arrest" report.
New report shows decrease in Utah youth locked in detention
Cites JPI's "Sticker Shock: The Cost of Youth Incarceration" policy brief.
Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Legislation to Reduce the Detention of Juveniles
Cites JPI's "The Dangers of Detention" report.
Oakland Eliminated its School Police Force—So What Happens Now?
Cites JPI's "The Presence of School Resource Officers in America's Schools"policy brief.
Maryland’s prisons have teemed with coronavirus. Now, the most vulnerable inmates are getting COVID vaccines.
Quotes JPI's State Strategiest Keith Wallington.
How My Arrest at Age 13 Changed the Shape of My Life
JPI's Associate Tyrone Walker reflects on youth, family, injustice and relationships with police.
Mass incarceration is causing Black communities to lose billions in earnings
Quotes JPI's State Strategiest Keith Wallington.
Black mass incarceration in the so-called Free State
Cites JPI's "Rethinking Approaches to Over Incarceration of Black Young Adults in Maryland" policy…
Maryland inmate tests positive for UK variant of COVID-19, Department of Corrections says
Quotes JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler.
Proactive COVID-19 testing of Maryland inmates protects all of us
Chris Beyrer and JPI's Director of Research and Policy Ryan King discuss the need for COVID-19…

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