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The Will of the People? The Public's Opinion of the Violent and Repeat Juvenile Offender

The United States Senate is expected to vote on a bill shortly which would radically alter America's juvenile justice system.

The Pods of Elmore County: A Glimpse into the Rhetoric Behind the Juvenile Crime Bill

A previous report by the Justice Policy Institute (JPI) revealed that, when juveniles are jailed or imprisoned with adults, they are 5 times more likely to be sexually assaulted, 8 times more likely to commit suicide, and significantly more likely to reoffend than juveniles who are incarcerated in juvenile facilities.

The Risks Juveniles Face When They Are Incarcerated With Adults

Child advocates, law enforcement officials, and criminologists have urged Congress to consider the destructive effects of placing youth in adult jails and prisons a substantial body of research shows that placing youth in adult institutions accentuates criminal behavior after release.

Trading Classrooms for Cell Blocks: Destructive Policies Eroding D.C. Communities

While public higher education funding plummets to record lows, spending for corrections is at an all-time high. The nation's capital is funding prisons at the expense of higher education and the consequences are devastating for District communities.

From Classrooms to Cell Blocks: A National Perspective

Americans will soon be forced to spend their tax-free education funds on an ineffective, costly criminal justice system.

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