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Class Dismissed: Higher Education vs. Corrections During the Wilson Years

An increase in funding for Higher Education represents a step in the right direction, but this is an unusual year in that California had a 4 billion-dollar surplus at the end of the 1997-1998 budget.

New York State of Mind: Higher Education vs. Prison Funding in the Empire State, 1988-1998

Last spring, just days before New Yorkers were to mark the 25th anniversary of the state’s Rockefeller Drug Laws - a mandatory sentencing scheme that requires long prison terms for the possession or sale of a relatively small amount of drugs - Gov. George Pataki announced a series of vetoes to the state budget.

Trading Classrooms for Cell Blocks: Destructive Policies Eroding D.C. Communities

While public higher education funding plummets to record lows, spending for corrections is at an all-time high. The nation's capital is funding prisons at the expense of higher education and the consequences are devastating for District communities.

From Classrooms to Cell Blocks: A National Perspective

Americans will soon be forced to spend their tax-free education funds on an ineffective, costly criminal justice system.

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