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Please find JPI's perspective on how we can improve criminal and juvenile justice systems and the well-being of people and communities; including recent press releases, appearences in the media, and other criminal and juvenile justice related news.

For media inquiries, please contact Sadie Rose-Stern, Director of Communications and External Affairs, at 202.888.6748.

MEDIA ADVISORY Criminal Justice Coalition Sends Urgent Recommendations to District and Federal Leaders to Reduce Incarcerated Population During COVID-19 Crisis
MEDIA ADVISORY Criminal Justice Coalition Sends Urgent Recommendations to District and Federal Leaders to Reduce Incarcerated Population During COVID-19 Crisis
Advocates Urge Release of Older Prison Population Due to COVID-19
Quotes JPI's Associate Tyrone Walker.
Coronavirus Pandemic: Prison Population Vulnerable During Crisis
Quotes JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler.
The Crisis of America’s Disconnected Youth—and How to Connect Them
Cites JPI's "Dangers of Detention" report.
Coronavirus in Prisons: Advocates Urge Release of Geriatric Population
Quotes JPI Associate Tyrone Walker.
State halts prison, juvenile justice facility visits indefinitely amid coronavirus outbreak
Quotes JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler on Coronavirus press release.
[PRESS RELEASE] People in prisons and jails vulnerable to Coronavirus
There is a population who cannot take basic precautions against getting the Coronavirus or giving it to others – washing hands regularly, staying away from groups of people, keeping a 6-foot…
Support Our Brothers Behind the Walls
Cites JPI's policy brief “Rethinking Approaches to Over Incarceration of Black Young Adults in Maryland.”
Early Data Shows Raise the Age Slowly Taking Effect For North Carolina’s Juveniles
Cites JPI's "Sticker Shock" report.
Bill would take governor's office out of parole decisions
Quotes JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler.
Bill Would Remove Md. Governor’s Office From Parole Decisions
Quotes Keith Wallington, JPI's State Strategiest.
Pennsylvania’s Board of Pardons should show mercy to more people like me | Opinion
Cites JPI's "The Ungers, 5 Years and Counting" report.
Lenawee Christian School hires school resource officers
Quotes JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler on SROs.
New community fund gives options to nonviolent offenders who can’t afford bail
Cites JPI's reasearch on recidivism.
Central Florida prosecutors, defenders team up with Morgan & Morgan to create Community Bail Fund
Cites JPI's "Bail Fail" report.

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