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Please find JPI's perspective on how we can improve criminal and juvenile justice systems and the well-being of people and communities; including recent press releases, appearences in the media, and other criminal and juvenile justice related news.

For media inquiries, please contact Sadie Rose-Stern, Director of Communications and External Affairs, at 202.888.6748.

California to phase out Division of Juvenile Justice, creating an opportunity for substantial reform
Cites JPI's "Sticker Shock: The Cost of Youth Incarceration" policy brief.
Maryland inmate coronavirus death toll increases to 18 as questions remain over state’s vaccination schedule
Quotes JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler.
COVID vaccines: Prisoners excluded from US plans
Quotes JPI's Director of Research and Policy Ryan King.
Maryland spent $5.8 million on a youth jail against expert advice. Now its closure could mark a shift in juvenile justice
Quotes JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler.
Emerging Adults and Police Killings
In the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Rayshard Brooks, thousands of Americans from across the country have been standing up for racial justice and demanding fundamental…
Sticker Shock: The Cost of New York’s Youth Prisons Approaches $1 Million Per Kid
Cites JPI's 2020 "Sticker Shock" policy brief.
How Madison youth-centered programs work to avoid police interactions
Cites JPI's "Rethinking the Blues" report.
Report: Incarceration Destabilizes Neighborhood Economies, Doesn’t Increase Safety
Cites JPI's "The Right Investment?" report.
It's time to acknowledge that long prison terms do not prevent violence
JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler and Director of Research and Policy Ryan King discuss we need to address incarcerated people serving long sentences for serious and violent crimes to truly…
DC Police tweet implies gun crimes would worsen if bill passed to release some young violent offenders. One councilmember says no evidence of that
Quotes JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler and JPI's Associate Tyrone Walker 0n the Second Look Amendment Act.
Emerging Adults and Police Killings
While many have known all too well that law enforcement has victimized communities of color throughout U.S. history, the intersection of police violence, the racially disparate impact of the COVID-19…
D.C.’s promising initiative for young incarcerated people
JPI's Associate Tyrone Walker and Joel Castón discuss D.C. Jail’s Young Men Emerging Unit.
Violent crime in Baltimore is no laughing matter, Gov. Hogan
Cites JPI's "Rethinking Approaches to Over Incarceration of Black Young Adults in Maryland" policy brief.
‘The Doors Don’t Lock’ in DC Jail Program for Young Adults
Quotes JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler and JPI's Associate Tyrone Walker and cites our two reports on Washington, DC's Young Adult Justice Reforms .
Committee focuses on drug penalty reform, elderly parole
Cites JPI's "The Ungers, 5 Years and counting" report.

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