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Here, you can learn JPI's perspective on criminal and juvenile justice systems and how we can improve the well-being of people and communities, including our most recent press releases, appearences in the media, and other criminal and juvenile justice related news.

For media inquiries,contact Olivia Martinez, Digital Media Associate, at office (202) 888-6784 or cell (714) 600-4463or contact Marc Schindler, Executive Director, at office (202) 568-6569.

The Unfinished Business of Juvenile Justice
JPI's Jason Ziedenberg discussed Raise the Age.
Texas, Missouri Debate Next Step on Raise the Age
Citing JPI's Marc Schindler on our new Raise the Age report.
Why Young People of Color Are Central To 'Raising The Age' Debates
Quoting JPI's Marc Schindler.
Let’s Celebrate Our Success and Work Toward Much-Needed Progress
Citing JPI's Sticker Shock.
Commentary: Texas can raise the age and keep youth, communities safe
Citing JPI's new Raise the Age report.
Some States Are Still Sending Teens to Adult Prisons
Citing JPI's Raise the Age report.
How to Keep Closing Prisons in a Trump Era
Citing JPI's new Raise The Age report.
Reality Check with Charles Ellison
JPI's Marc Schindler joing Reality Check with Charles Ellison on WURD Philly.
How to Reduce Juvenile Crime: Use Separate Courts
Learn more in JPI's new Raise the Age report.
End political influence of bail bonds industry: Column
Citing JPI on #BailReformMD.
Is AG Jeff Sessions Quietly Waging a Second ‘War on Drugs’?
Citing JPI on mass incarceration.
Crime and the Adolescent Brain
Citing JPI's new Raise the Age report.
Lawmakers renew debate on long-sought change for when youths become adults in criminal cases
Citing Marc Schindler on JPI's new Raise the Age report.
Adult prison sentences make no sense for children
Roy Austin cites JPI's new Raise the Age report.
Raise the Age
Shifting to a safer and more effective juvenile justice system.

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