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Here, you can learn JPI's perspective on criminal and juvenile justice systems and how we can improve the well-being of people and communities, including our most recent press releases, appearences in the media, and other criminal and juvenile justice related news.

Florida Policies Needlessly Derail Young Lives, Fill Prison Cells
As managing attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center's Florida office, I see far too many of these stories in Florida, a state that sends more children into adult court than any other.
OP-ED: Community Engagement as a Key to Juvenile Justice Reform
The overincarceration of youth for low-level offenses has been proven to be ineffective in reducing recidivism and has been costly for states.
One Survivor's Crusade Reveals a Plague of Errors in Nation's Sex Offender Registries
Estimates of the number of entries with crucial mistakes run into the tens of thousands. One man—and pretty much only one man—is trying to fix them.
Community Organizing, Fierce Advocacy, Led to Closing of Notorious D.C. Youth Detention Center
D.C.'s reforms provide us with a solid road map for how community organizing and advocacy can create the political will to change a city's over-reliance on incarceration and invest in youth in their…
Care, not incarceration, for drug offenders
“It’s in society’s best interest to invest more upfront in treatment and prevention, because incarceration just has so many negative side effects.”
The Clinton dynasty’s horrific legacy: How “tough-on-crime” politics built the world’s largest prison system
Over the past two decades, the Clintons' version of the "War on Drugs" has inflicted needless suffering on millions.
I Could Have Been a Child Killer Sentenced to Life in Prison
What good does it do to warehouse thousands of children in the criminal justice system when the state could simply provide them with therapeutic treatment that has been proven to reduce recidivism?
Exciting News from JPI
We welcome a new member to the JPI family and welcome ourselves to a great new home.
Fed Shouldn't Raise Rates, Curtail Job Recovery
JPI's Jason Ziedenberg and the National Employment Law Project’s Maurice Emsellem point to some promising developments that could improve job prospects for the formerly incarcerated.
City of Houston Joins Growing List of Cities Who've Chosen to "Ban the Box"
Today over 45 cities and counties have removed the question regarding conviction history from their employment applications. Now we can add the City of Houston to that growing list.
Is The Baltimore Detention Center Torturing Juveniles?
Marc Schindler discusses recent allegations from the justice department that a Baltimore detention facility is illegally subjecting juveniles to solitary confinement.
Adjusting Police Attitudes (Blog + Podcast)
Tatiana Laing, JPI's communications intern, discusses taking a values-based approach to policing and other recommendations for improving law enforcement in America.
WEBINAR: The Real Costs of Confinement and “What Works” to Improve Youth Outcomes
Juvenile justice systems have achieved substantial reforms, but many still struggle to reduce recidivism and improve outcomes for youth.
‘Where are the kids?’ Distrust, zero-tolerance policies a bad combination
As the number of SROs have increased nationwide so, too, have the court citations. About 92,000 students were arrested in school during the 2011-12 school year, and most of those are low-level…
Malloy looking to expand state program that reduces suspensions, expulsions
A Connecticut program with some success of improving behavioral outcomes for students may soon be expanded into more schools around the state.
The 2 Reasons Data May Not Solve America’s Crime Problem
Can data prevent crimes? A February article from the Associated Press says states are using such systems to “drive down prison populations, reduce recidivism, and save billions of…
Sticker Shock South Carolina
Let's convince policymakers it's time for juvenile justice reform. Help spread the word about the high cost of youth incarceration in South Carolina!
The Business of Positive Youth Justice: Measuring Success
The most common test of a juvenile justice program asks: How many kids were arrested and/or convicted again? The PYJ framework imagines the role of the justice system differently from the mission of…
Youth In Media And Education (YIMAE)
Yolanda Vazquez talks with Marc Schindler, a Juvenile Justice Advisor for Youth in Media And Education.
The Business of Positive Youth Justice: Changing Staff Perception
Just as I believe in helping youth grow to their fullest potential, so too do I believe in the capacity of the adults and systems that serve them.
Sticker Shock Nevada
Let's convince policymakers it's time for juvenile justice reform. Help spread the word about the high cost of youth incarceration in Nevada!
The True Cost of Incarceration in Baltimore's Poorest Neighborhoods
TRNN's Stephen Janis talks to Justice Policy Institute Executive Director Marc Schindler about how Maryland spends millions incarcerating residents of inner city neighborhood.
Feeding the prison population with our youth must stop
Youth should not be incarcerated for minor offenses that require discipline, rather than discriminatory incarceration.
The Criminalization of Youth
Who are we really protecting when we treat kids like second-class citizens?
Matthew T. Mangino: Leniency or smart punishment strategy
As prisons continue to grow and states struggle to pay the costs, the disastrous consequences of the prison industrial complex have come into focus.
Sticker Shock Florida
Let's convince policymakers it's time for juvenile justice reform. Help spread the word about the high cost of youth incarceration in Florida!
The Education of D.C.: How Washington D.C.’s investments in education can help increase public safety.
This brief examines the intersection of education and public safety in Washington, D.C.

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