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Criminal Justice News

Here you can find news stories about important issues in justice reform and articles calling for positive improvements to the criminal and juvenile justice systems. Check back regularly for new articles and email us to suggest an item to be included on the page.

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Commentary: Our Work to Reform the Juvenile Justice System Is Not Yet Complete
Citing JPI's Raise the Age report.
Youth Advocates Release Statement Opposing the President's Comments Encouraging Use of Force Against Community Members
JPI joins partner organizations across the juvenile justice and criminal justice field for a statement on President Trump's comments.
Kamala Harris wants to offer states money to end “money bail” systems that are often discriminatory
Citing JPI's Bail Fail.
The mounting costs of nationwide immigration enforcement
JPI staff writes about the costs of crimmigration .
The Constitution and students’ rights
Citing JPI's Education Under Arrest.
It’s time to end cash bail that leads unfairly to time in jail
Citing JPI's Bail Fail.
Pennsylvania offers a new 'smart on crime' approach. But does it actually work?
Quoting JPI's Jason Ziedenberg.
How ‘Raise the Age’ Laws Might Reduce Recidivism
Citing JPI's Raise the Age report.
Shifting Policies Will Turn Back the Clock on Private Prisons Reform
JPI's Paul Ashton weighs in on the for-profit private prison industry.
Lead Poisoning, a Persistent Sign of Poverty, Is Linked to School Suspensions and Lower Student Test Scores
Citing JPI's Sticker Shock.
Pretrial release programs critical to eliminating cash bail
Citing JPI's Bailing on Balitmore.
Resource deputies to remain at schools, must prove program’s success
Citing JPI's Education Under Arrest.
Life in the hole: Solitary confinement is a cauldron meant to destroy
JPI Board Member Marcus Bullock tells why we must #StopSolitaryForKids.
Urban Agenda KMOJ (FM)
JPI's Marc Schindler discusses Raise the Age.
Attorney general calls for harsher sentences on drug offenses despite conflicts
Citing JPI's Jason Ziedenberg.
A 17-year-old is not an adult, and shouldn’t be treated as such. Even felons.
Citing JPI's Raise the Age report.
Young people without lawyers costs all of us
JPI's Marc Schindler weighs in on Gault's 50th anniversary.
Raise the age, or pay the price
Citing JPI's Raise the Age report.
What If You Can't Afford Bail? A Few Large Companies Rake In Billions In Bond Business
Citing JPI's For Better or For Profit .
Mother's Day: Spare a Thought for Moms with Kids Behind Bars
Citing JPI.
How to ensure men are not locked out of society after having been locked up
Citing JPI.
Raise the age: Texas' 17-year-old offenders don't belong in prisons with adults and that should change.
Citing JPI's Raise the Age report.
Raise the Age Wave Stalled in Michigan, But Gathering Strength in Texas, North Carolina
Citing JPI's Raise the Age report.
New York State Resolves To Raise the Age for Juvenile Court Proceedings
Citing JPI's Marc Schindler on our new Raise the Age report.
Missouri fails 17-year-old offenders
Citing JPI's Raise the Age report.

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