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Criminal Justice News

Here you can find news stories about important issues in justice reform and articles calling for positive improvements to the criminal and juvenile justice systems. Check back regularly for new articles and email us to suggest an item to be included on the page.

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Teen inmates to be moved off Rikers amid push for age-appropriate policies
JPI's Jason Ziedenberg weighs in on the age-appropriate policy.
Eliminating racial divide in Howard school suspensions requires community effort, county leaders say
"If you don't acknowledge that I live a different reality, you're not willing to do anything to change that"
Our Bail System Is Leaving Innocent People To Die In Jail Because They’re Poor
When freedom is only available to those who can afford it, many end up paying with their lives.
Yale group sets up bail fund to cut pretrial jail time
Citing JPI's Bail Fail .
How video changed Americans' views toward the police, from Rodney King to Alton Sterling
Citing JPI's Education Under Arrest.
No discipline for supervisor in youth abuse incidents
JPI's Marc Schindler speaks out about abuse at Wisconsin's youth prison.
Who is in Prison and What it Costs
Citing JPI's The Right Investment
A Social Worker in a Robe
One judge faces criticism from colleagues and professional stigma for doing what he thinks is right.
3 Education Issues That Need to Be Addressed on Top of Affirmative Action
Mic cites JPI on the school to prison pipeline
Time for adult responsibility at Connecticut Juvenile Training School
JPI's Marc Schindler calls for reform at Connecticut Juvenile Training School.
What I really want for Father’s Day: Stop Solitary for Kids
JPI's Marc Schindler tells why we must Stop Solitary for Kids
A path to an overdue end of bail
More than 8,200 people were held on bail in Baltimore last year because they couldn't afford release.
Hogan prepares to sign off on overhaul of Maryland criminal justice system
On Thursday, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan will sign off on a major shift in criminal justice policy.
Should Solitary Confinement for Youth be Abolished?
JPI's Marc Schindler joins WPFW's Crossroads to discuss Stop Solitary for Kids.
JPI's May Newsletter
Stay up to date on JPI's recent work!
Abandon outdated practice of juvenile seclusion
The Director of the Ohio Department of Youth Services tells why we must Stop Solitary for Kids.
Judge's order to release inmates highlights budget issues in New Orleans
JPI's Marc Schindler weighs in.
Race, education, income, poverty: How does Baltimore compare?
A look at Baltimore, citing JPI's Right Investment .
Raise the age of criminal responsibility and save taxpayers a bundle
Incarcerating youths in juvenile-detention facilities is expensive, but punishing them as adults costs even more
The Short and Long Game on Ending Juvenile Solitary
JPI's Marc Schindler tells why we must Stop Solitary for Kids.
It's Time to Get Cops Out of Schools
Karen Dolan from the Intitute for Policy Studies cites JPI.
Out of jail, uninsured, ex-inmates face health care challenges
Not enrolled in Medicaid, former inmates without health insurance jeopardize public health.
Stop Solitary for Kids
JPI joins the campaign to Stop Solitary For Kids.
Stop Solitary for Kids Aims to Build on State, Federal Momentum
The Stop Solitary for Kids campaign kicks off.
Stop Solitary for Kids
JPI's Marc Schindler tells why we must Stop Solitary For Kids.

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