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Press Releases & Statements

Below you can find a list of JPI's most recent press releases, as well as statements. If you have questions about our reports or our research and analysis, please contact our communications team.

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FBI Crime Report Shows Crime Drops as Prison Growth Slows
National justice research organization points to better use of effective strategies as basis for improving public safety and decreasing incarceration.
Communities of Color and Low-Income Communities Disproportionately Affected by the Justice System in the Nation’s Capitol
New report says D.C. has greatest income inequality of any major city in the country, suffering from major economic and racial disparities that contribute to high rates of justice-involvement.
Most Justice-Involved Youth Affected by Traumatic Childhood Experiences
As many as 9 in 10 youth in justice system have experienced a traumatic event, yet few such youth are identified as traumatized, and fewer receive appropriate treatment or placement
California’s Prison Reduction Plan Will Overburden Counties; Misses the Mark
Shifting prison population to jails will increase costs and incarceration rates.
New Report Examines Factors Driving Overcrowding
Research highlights the factors and policies that lead to over-incarceration, makes recommendations on how the justice system can be improved.
States Can Safely Reduce Prison Populations and Save Money, New Brief Says
Reducing prison populations and maintaining public safety can both be accomplished while allowing state taxpayers to save money with more effective programs, group says.
Crime Report Shows Crime Fell in 2009 as Prison Growth Rates Decreased
Drop in crime comes as states seek ways to reduce prison populations and improve savings for state budgets
Group Criticizes Obama Administration’s Budget Plan to Increase Policing and Prisons
Justice advocates disturbed by proposed $29 billion for ineffective and unfair policies.
Analysis: U.S. Incarceration Continues to Grow and Racial Disparities Persist
Although the growth of imprisonment was down in 2008, the number of incarcerated people is still on the rise, according to an analysis released today by the Justice Policy Institute.
Crime Report Shows Violent Crime Fell in 2008 as Incarceration Rates Continue to Decrease
Violent crime in the United States fell by 1.9 percent and property crimes by 0.8 percent in 2008, according to an analysis released today by the Justice Policy Institute.
New Reports Highlight Economic Benefits of Alternatives to Incarceration
Research briefs on adult and juvenile justice outline ways for states to save millions
2010 Department of Justice Budget Likely to Increase Incarceration in U.S.
Overspending in law enforcement, prisons and under-spending in prevention, treatment and communities won't yield long term improvements, will cause increased costs for states
Baltimore City Residents Share Their Experiences and Hopes for the Future
Advocates say new report is “a cautionary tale” for the nation’s leaders
Parole Reforms in Maryland Could Save Millions
Focus on treatment, releasing people who are low-risk, and reducing technical violations would improve system while maintaining public safety
Violent Crime Fell in 2008
Prisons and jails experienced less growth than previous years
Rise in Federal Policing, Surveillance and Immigration Enforcement Signals Growth and Adaptation of U.S. Criminal Justice System
Over 450 new offenses added to federal law, Immigration arrests increased more than 200%, and federal expenditures on policing up 925% since 1982
Violent Crime Fell in 2007
Areas with lower incarceration rates experienced greater crime reductions
Violent Crime Down in District
Residents Support Employment and Workforce Development Programs to Promote Public Safety
New report: Jail populations exploding; massive growth devastating local communities
Jails bulging with people with mental illnesses, the homeless and people detained for immigration offenses; costing counties billions
New Report: Baltimore Judges frustrated with limited treatment options: “Almost everyone we see needs drug treatment”
Lack of treatment resources drives poor outcomes, unnecessary incarceration
Latest in a Series of Policy Briefs on Public Safety: Data shows substance abuse treatment reduces crime
Increased availability of substance abuse treatment is associated with improved public safety.
Groundbreaking Study Examines Drug Imprisonment in 198 Counties; 97 Percent Experienced Racial Disparities
97 Percent Experienced Racial Disparities
Latest in a Series of Policy Briefs on Public Safety: Housing and Public Safety
Increased availability of quality supportive or affordable housing is associated with positive public safety outcomes.
Latest Brief in a Series of Policy Briefs on Public Safety: Employment, Wages and Public Safety
Increased employment and wages are associated with positive public safety outcomes.
First of Four in New Policy Brief Series on Public Safety: Education and Public Safety
States that invest more in education have lower rates of violent crime and incarceration

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