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Press Releases & Statements

Below you can find a list of JPI's most recent press releases, as well as statements. If you have questions about our reports or our research and analysis, please contact our communications team.

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Release: United States Continuing to Overspend on Police, Despite Decreasing Crime Rates
United States Continuing to Overspend on Police, Despite Decreasing Crime Rates New Report shows U.S. spends over $100 billion a year on policing, frequently at the expense of communities of color…
Youth Employment Investments will Pay Public Safety Dividends
Effective job assistance and training programs set youth on a positive path toward the future
Advocates, Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Rally to Give More People a Meaningful Chance for Parole
After governor denies paroles and commutations for all eligible “lifers,” groups seek to remove governor from parole process for those who were juveniles or not the principal in the…
Reassessing School Safety in Light of the Tragedy in Ohio
Avoiding ineffective policies in the aftermath
President Needs to Get Off the Cop Beat
Despite the fact that prison populations have fallen for the first time in 40 years, President Obama’s FY2013 budget released this week devotes more than $27 billion to prison and policing.
Education is Key to Public Safety
Lack of investment across D.C. causes disparities, disadvantages communities
Billions More for C.O.P.S. Would be a Crime
President Obama’s plan to add $4 billion in funding for police not right way to address public safety, veteran’s unemployment
Maryland Almost Maxes Out Prisons in 2010, Increases Prison Population Nearly Two Percent
While U.S. saw first drop in prison population since 1972, Maryland’s imprisoned population rises, facilities at 99% capacity
U.S. Incarceration Falls for First Time Since 1972
Drop occurs while crime rates continue to decrease
Federal Folly
2012 U.S. Dept. of Justice Budget Gorges on Prisons, Gouges Juvenile Justice
School Resource Officers are a Waste of Resources, Says New Report
School Resource Officers pull youth into justice system and derail education
On Proposed Crime Bill, U.S. Experts Say to Canadian Parliament:“Don’t Repeat Expensive, Failed Policies”
Groups note that as U.S. conservatives embrace criminal and juvenile justice and drug policy reforms, Canadian Conservatives are going “180 degrees in the wrong direction,” with expensive…
Incompetent to Stand Trial Policies in Maryland are Incompetent Themselves
Research on effective policies and fiscal efficacy ignored
"Hard Times Don't Mean More Crimes"
Crime rate continues to fall across the U.S. as states incarcerate fewer people
Overloaded Public Defense Systems Result in More Prison Time, Less Justice
New report: Public defense systems in U.S. have too many cases, too little time, too few resources
Private Prison Companies Want You Locked Up
New report highlights political strategies of companies that make money through more incareceration
Violent, Property Crime Down Nationally, FBI Reports
Both violent crime and property crime in the U.S. are down again this year, according to figures released today by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The agency’s annual Uniform Crime…
Finding Direction: U.S. Should Consider Other Nations’ Justice Policies
Report says adopting criminal justice practices of other countries could improve safety, cut costs in the U.S.
Drug Court Debate Continues on Capitol Hill
Justice Policy Institute, Drug Policy Alliance call for alternatives to drug court
Overreliance on Drug Courts Comes at Too High a Cost
Report finds alternatives to drug courts can be more cost-effective and provide greater public safety benefits
Budget Wrongly Invests in Policing and Prisons Not Prevention and Communities
Justice advocates disturbed by proposed $28 billion for expensive, ineffective and unfair policies.
Jail Size Matters
Justice Policy Institute says planned larger women’s jail for Baltimore City will create problems, costs without improving public safety.
GAO Report Shows Byrne JAG Money Spent Without Sufficient Evaluation Measures
Majority of money spent on law enforcement and corrections despite falling crime rates
Native Hawaiians Over-Represented in Hawai‘i's Criminal Justice System
Groundbreaking research shows that Native Hawaiians are more likely to be incarcerated than other racial or ethnic groups in Hawai‘i
Prisons and policing prioritized over people during economic crisis
Greater benefits will be realized by focusing spending on positive social services that improve public safety rather than expanding corrections and law enforcement, says new report

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