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Our research is often cited in stories about criminal justice reform and our staff is regularly sought out and quoted for its expertise on crucial issues dealing with fixing our broken criminal and juvenile justice systems. Here you can find a recent articles and blog posts from across the country mentioning our work.

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Commentary: Texas can raise the age and keep youth, communities safe
Citing JPI's new Raise the Age report.
Let’s Celebrate Our Success and Work Toward Much-Needed Progress
Citing JPI's Sticker Shock.
Some States Are Still Sending Teens to Adult Prisons
Citing JPI's Raise the Age report.
Why Young People of Color Are Central To 'Raising The Age' Debates
Quoting JPI's Marc Schindler.
How to Keep Closing Prisons in a Trump Era
Citing JPI's new Raise The Age report.
Reality Check with Charles Ellison
JPI's Marc Schindler joing Reality Check with Charles Ellison on WURD Philly.
How to Reduce Juvenile Crime: Use Separate Courts
Learn more in JPI's new Raise the Age report.
End political influence of bail bonds industry: Column
Citing JPI on #BailReformMD.
Crime and the Adolescent Brain
Citing JPI's new Raise the Age report.
Is AG Jeff Sessions Quietly Waging a Second ‘War on Drugs’?
Citing JPI on mass incarceration.
Lawmakers renew debate on long-sought change for when youths become adults in criminal cases
Citing Marc Schindler on JPI's new Raise the Age report.
Adult prison sentences make no sense for children
Roy Austin cites JPI's new Raise the Age report.
Cuomo points to Rikers in push to raise age of young offenders
Citing JPI's new Raise the Age report.
States That Raise the Age See Less Recidivism, Cost Savings, JPI Report Says
Citing JPI's new report Raise The Age .
Poverty Prison
Citing JPI on the effects of cash bail.
Private prisons place politics and profits over people
JPI staff weighs in.
Dog The Bounty Hunter And A Top Conservative Lawyer Are Trying To Save The Bail Industry
Citing JPI's For Better or For Profit.
This is Solitary
Citing JPI's Marc Schindler
Taking A Stand Against DeVos: 5 Action Steps to Mobilize and Stay Informed
Citing JPI's Education Under Arrest .
Trump should focus on facts, not fear in reducing violent crime
JPI weighs in on why we need holistic approaches to violence prevention.
Questions need to be asked about bail bond industry contributions in Maryland
Marc Schindler weighs in on #BailReformMD.
States Consider Options for Young Adults in Justice System
Quoting JPI's Marc Schindler.
Hundreds of Thousands Are Languishing in Jails Because They Can't Afford Bail Bonds: A National Movement Is Building to End This
Citing JPI's Bail Fail .
Draw From Juvenile Justice System’s Strengths for Better Approaches for Young Adults
Read our new report Improving Approaches to Serving Young Adults in the Justice System.
Harnessing data and information can lead to a better youth justice system
Read our new report Improving Approaches to Serving Young Adults in the Justice System.

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