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Why John Hinckley Jr., Attempted Reagan Assassin, Will Go Free

JPI's Marc Schindler weighs in.

Missouri’s Governor Cut Funding to the State’s Public Defenders. So They Assigned Him a Case

JPI's Marc Schindler weighs in. 

Spending On Prisons Has Increased Dramatically Since 1980

JPI's Research and Policy Director Jason Ziedenberg weighs in. 

Almost 7,000 People Died in Police Custody in Texas, According to New Report

Citing JPI's Race and Imprisonment in Texas.

Freddie Gray Denied Justice—and the Whole Damn System Is to Blame

Gray's death was ruled a homicide, but according to the justice system, no one is responsible.

Teen inmates to be moved off Rikers amid push for age-appropriate policies

JPI's Jason Ziedenberg weighs in on the age-appropriate policy.

Eliminating racial divide in Howard school suspensions requires community effort, county leaders say

"If you don't acknowledge that I live a different reality, you're not willing to do anything to change that"

Our Bail System Is Leaving Innocent People To Die In Jail Because They’re Poor

When freedom is only available to those who can afford it, many end up paying with their lives.

Yale group sets up bail fund to cut pretrial jail time

Citing JPI's Bail Fail.

How video changed Americans' views toward the police, from Rodney King to Alton Sterling

Citing JPI's Education Under Arrest.

No discipline for supervisor in youth abuse incidents

JPI's Marc Schindler speaks out about abuse at Wisconsin's youth prison. 

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