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News from past 90 days

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University students push for prison divestment

Only a few years ago did the growing clout of the U.S.’s for-profit prison industry come into sharp relief.

States see marked drop in juvenile prison populations as reforms take hold

A falling crime rate and new reforms to the way juveniles are treated by the criminal justice system have dramatically cut the number of young people in state prisons.

HN county attorney challenges staff to reduce Black youth incarceration

Freeman recognizes inequities, bias in the criminal justice system.

Nancy Grace defends discriminatory drug policy

An interview between talk show host Nancy Grace and hip-hop artist (and College Park, Georgia, mayoral candidate) 2 Chainz, went viral last week.

Say Hello to JPI’s Spring Interns!

Each of our new interns brings a unique set of experiences and skills that will help us accomplish our goals for the new year.

Top 10 Youth Justice Reads for Loretta Lynch

Here's a list of some must-reads for an attorney general who wants to make a difference in juvenile justice.

‘Tough on Crime’ Fadeout: What Constitutes Safety?

In a letter-to-the-editor in The New York Times, JPI's Jason Ziedenberg discusses what public "safety" means after years of falling crime rates and the persistence of troubling justice policies.

New Campaign Seeks to Sharply Reduce Youth Incarceration

A national juvenile justice campaign launched today with the ambitious goals of halving youth incarceration in 15 states over the next five years while expanding community-based alternatives for offenders.

OP-ED: Reforming Juvenile Justice Requires Restructuring our Mindset

With youth crime rates and numbers of incarcerated youths declining, now is the ideal time to review how juvenile incarceration meets the needs of youths, their families and society.

Black Lives Matter—at School, Too
Meet the Bail Bond Queen

Michelle Esquenazi owns one of the largest bail bond agencies in New York state. BuzzFeed News explores her controversial line of work.

‘Dual-status’ kids endure another kind of double jeopardy

Youth involved in both the juvenile justice and child welfare systems have higher detention rates, behavioral health problems.

Medical parole can save Maryland money

Larry Bratt discusses how Maryland can save millions in taxpayer dollars by paroling its ill & elderly prison population.

Marc Schindler Talks Youth Incarceration in Maryland

JPI's Marc Schindler joined WPFW's Roach Brown to discuss juvenile justice in Maryland.

Cannabis: The Persecuted Plant

An archived research paper about Cannabis from 2011.

What Youth Incarceration Costs Taxpayers

A new report finds jailing young people costs state and local governments as much as $21 billion annually.

Letter: Uniformity needed in youth incarceration data

JPI's Executive Director, Marc Schindler, and Director of Research & Policy, Jason Ziedenberg, discuss the need for uniform state standards in juvenile justice data.

MacArthur Foundation Urges Major Changes in Juvenile Justice System

Solitary confinement of juveniles should be banned, and children should be exempt from sex offender registry requirements, according to the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Smart justice protects public, saves money

Conservatives are not only getting tough on crime, they are getting tough on the criminal justice budget.

Youth incarceration: bad ROI

Venture investor Mark Grovic explains why youth incarceration is such a poor investment, one he would never recommend to his clients or communities.

Report: Costs of Incarcerating Young Steep – and Potentially Crippling
Youth crime is down, and by a lot, but the costs of incarceration remain stubbornly high - and could get worse.
Juvenile Incarceration Rates Are Down; Racial Disparities Rise

More young women are being detained, in part, because of truancy, inability to get along with their families, and finding the wrong crowd, even the wrong boyfriends.

R.I. making progress, saving money, in helping juvenile offenders, state officials say

A national study on the costs of youth imprisonment recently reported that the confinement of a juvenile at the Rhode Island Training School carries a price-tag of about $186,000 per year.

Good and bad: Measure outcomes of juvenile justice system to improve youth recidivism in the state

Texas spends $133,911 per year on each young person it incarcerates, according to the new Justice Policy Institute report titled "Sticker Shock." You heard us right. The cost per annum would more than pay for three years of tuition at Rice University.

The Year in Youth Services: Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice in 2014

Soon 2014 will be a memory of days gone by. For Youth Services Insider and everyone else at The Chronicle of Social Change, the memories will be fond.

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