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News from past 90 days

More cops in schools affects children of color the most

Cites JPI's Education Under Arrest: The Case Against Police in Schools report.

Do school resource officers keep schools safer?

Executive Director Marc Schindler speaks about why hiring more counselors and psychologists instead of adding more law enforcement officers is proven to be safer for our schools.

Do Police Officers In Schools Really Make Them Safer?

Quotes Executive Director Marc Schindler on the effectiviness of SROs in schools. 

As new bill attempts to overhaul juvenile justice system, what you need to know about the Lincoln Hills controversy

Cites JPI's Sticker Shock report. 

Local Restorative Justice Could Be Best Kind of Diversion for Youth

Quotes JPI's Sticker Shock report. 

Hogan’s crime bills won’t actually reduce crime

As the legislature debates Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's regressive crime bills, Marc Schindler and Kevin Ring, President of Families Against Mandatory Minimum, explain why they won't actually reduce crime in Maryland.

Long Creek’s new leader concedes juvenile facility’s at a crossroads

The Portland Press Herald cites JPI's work on per-resident cost, in which Maine is among the highest in the country.

The Problem with Private Prisons

Cites JPI's Gaming the System report. 

Murder, Scandal and a State Intervention: What's Going on With Baltimore's Police Department?

Quoting Marc Schindler, Executive Director.

A cycle-breaking program Baltimore could use

Cites JPI's The Right Investment report.

Bail Fail in Maryland: An Industry Corrupting the Process and Breaking the Law

JPI urges Maryland legislators to join the national movement to end punitive and ineffective systems of commercial bail and fund effective pretrial services.

Recommended juvenile justice reforms could transform Alabama

Cites JPI's Sticker Shock report.

Keep kids out of the courts

Cites JPI's work on juvenile incarceration costs.

In Depth: Virginia's Parole System Under the Microscope Part 1

Cites JPI's Virginia's Justice System report. 

Rethinking bail: Pretrial release and apps among trends here and nationwide

Cities JPI's Bail Fail report.

Finding a Fix

Quoting Marc Schindler, Executive Director.

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