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News from past 90 days

How Incarceration Impacts LGBTQ Youth's Mental Health

Citing JPI's Juvenile Justice Factsheet.

Governor Hogan, Don’t echo President Trump on crime

The Governor should heed his own words and “explore better, smarter options” that research shows will reduce crime and help make our communities safer.

Justice Department Ends Era of Pushing Police Reform

Quoting Marc Schindler, Executive Director.

Is it now inevitable that all states will raise the age?

With New York and North Caroline passing raise the age policies, it seems innevitable that the remaining states will follow. 

Locking Kids in Jail for Misbehavior Isn’t Just Unfair—It’s Abuse

Citing JPI's Sticker Shock. 

Congress’ chance to do right by America’s youth

Why Congress should reauthorize the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA).

Commentary: Our Work to Reform the Juvenile Justice System Is Not Yet Complete

Citing JPI's Raise the Age report. 

Baltimore community programs help residents, reduce crime

Citing JPI's The Right Investment.

Youth Advocates Release Statement Opposing the President's Comments Encouraging Use of Force Against Community Members

JPI joins partner organizations across the juvenile justice and criminal justice field for a statement on President Trump's comments. 

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