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It's time to be smarter on crime

JPI State Based Strategist Keith Wallington and Julie Magers of the Leader of the Maryland Prisoners’ Rights Coalition discuss Maryland's need for smart on crime reforms.

Can we Improve Outcomes for Justice-Involved Youth by Keeping Them Closer to Home?

Cites JPI's The Costs of Confinement report. 

'3 strikes' and Mississippi taxpayers out $40 million a year

Cites JPI's Racial Divide: California's 3 Strikes Law report.

More States Need to Limit Solitary Confinement, Which Doesn’t Work

Cites JPI's affiliation to Stop Solitary for Kids.

Report Shows Support for Serving Youth Charged With Violent Offenses in the Community

Features JPI's Smart, Safe, and Fair report.

For youthful offenders, incarceration doesn't always equal accountability

Executive Director Marc Schindler comments on youth involved in the justice system, and JPI's new Smart, Safe and Fair report. 

[PRESS RELEASE] New Report Details Crime Victims’ Support for Juvenile Justice Reforms

Smart, Safe, and Fair report Press Release. 

Crime Victims Join Advocates to Urge Community Alternatives for Even Violent Offenders

Piece about JPI's new report, " Smart, Safe, and Fair: Strategies to Prevent Youth Violence, Heal Victims of Crime, and Reduce Racial Inequality."

Youth Need Community-Based Treatment, Not Jails: Study

Piece about JPI's new report, "Smart, Safe, and Fair: Strategies to Prevent Youth Violence, Heal Victims of Crime, and Reduce Racial Inequality."

Bail bond industry a strong lobby in Raleigh

Cites JPI's For Better or For Profit report. 

Parental activism: Changing the narrative of the school-to-prison pipeline

Cites JPI's Education Under Arrest report.

As Anne Arundel students get ready to return to classrooms, the school safety debate centers on resources

Quotes Executive Director Marc Schindler.

Throwing Children Away: The School-to-Prison Pipeline

Cites JPI's Education Under Arrest report.

New ideas needed to replace San Francisco’s Log Cabin Ranch for troubled youth

Cites JPI's the Cost of Confinement report. 

Recreational Therapy Is Lifesaver for Kids in Juvenile Detention

Cites JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler. 

Zero Tolerance And Detention Don't Work In Juvenile Justice. They Don't Work In Immigration Either

Cites JPI's The Dangers of Detention report. 

Buying freedom: Do Lebanon's bail bondsmen help or exploit the poor?

Cites JPI's Bail Fail report. 

Why are we sentencing juveniles to die in prison? The Supreme Court dropped the ball.

Cites JPI's Sticker Shock via juvenile incarceration costs.

Why Do We Keep Our Aging Prisoners Behind Bars?

JPI staff address the issue of America's aging prison population and proposes a solution that would decrease our incarceration rate as well as save taxpayers dollars.

What if we treated violent crime the way we treat Ebola?

Cites JPI's Gang Wars report. 

A judge appears to be the first in Northern Virginia to drop cash bonds

Cites JPI's Bail Fail report.

Baltimore is mired in violent crime. Could part of the solution be found in reclaimed wood?

Cites JPI's The Right Investment report. 

Iowa paid dearly for holding this troubled teen in isolation for up to 21 hours a day. He's not the only one being locked away.

Cites Justice Policy Institute as part of the collaborative effort behind Stop Solitary of Kids.

Maryland Leads as Prison Populations Continue to Decline

Quotes Keith Wallington on Maryland's sentencing reforms.

The Myth Behind Long Prison Sentences

Cites JPI's work on varying sentencing times for the same crime across the globe.

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