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A national agenda for criminal justice reform: Not just second chances, but a rational first response

During a powerful speech to the NAACP convention on Tuesday, President Obama outlined sweeping reforms to ensure our justice system is more fair and effective.

A Much-Needed Alternative to Youth Prisons

Shaena Fazal and Jeff Fleischer of Youth Advocate Programs comment on Patrick McCarthy's ideas about closing youth prisons.

Prisons, Community Corrections, Rehabilitation and Re-integration

JPI's Jason Ziedenberg discusses prisons, community corrections, and rehabilitation and re-integration of formerly incarcerated people.

Social media driving policy

President Obama’s recent tweets about mass incarceration bring policy discussions to the public.

Criminal Justice Experts: Bail System Needs More Than Reform, It Needs to Be Scrapped

Unless we deal with the issue of police interactions, the bail system and everything else is just a bunch of bandaids.

Schapiro: Which side will benefit from parole gambit?

Republicans want to make this a debate about safe streets. Perhaps McAuliffe, the self-styled Jobs Governor, can make it about economic opportunity.

Problems With Parole In America

Criminal justice reform experts discuss problems with parole in America on the Kojo show.

NLC to Hold Leadership Academy on Juvenile Justice Reform

The National League of Cities Institute for Youth, Education, and Families will host its second Municipal Leadership for Juvenile Justice Reform Leadership Academy from September 23-25, 2015 in Minneapolis.

The Dark Realities Of Being A Minor in Prison

Marc Schindler, JPI's executive director, discusses the realities of being a minor in prison on HuffPost Live.

Ex-convicts struggle to find work in Baltimore

A Marketplace analysis found the unemployment rate in Sandtown-Winchester is 22 percent.

Rethink incarceration in Virginia

Amanda Petteruti, Justice Policy Institute's senior research associate, wrote a letter to the editor in response to a Washington Post article entitled Va. to revisit parole option.

The Left's Latest Big Money Target: For-Profit Prisons

Columbia has just become the first university in the U.S. to divest from private prison companies.

JPI is proud to announce its newest board member

The Justice Policy Institute is proud to announce its newest board member, Marcus Bullock

Statement on Virginia Parole Review and Update Commission

JPI responds to this significant event  

Soros Fellow Partners With JPI

Rachel Herzing, 2015 Soros Fellow, partners with JPI to explore an unconventional approach to community safety



Watch John Oliver explain why the US bail system is terrible

John Oliver's latest target is the US bail system that hurts low-income defendants while allowing the wealthy to pay their way to freedom.

Are For-Profit Prisons, or Public Unions, the Biggest Lobby No One’s Talking About?

Outrage over private prisons are largely a distraction from the wider issues of the prison-industrial complex.

Bringing an End to the Incarceration Generation

The good news is that more today is known than ever before about what works and doesn't work to address offending and promote safety....

New Prison Reform Law Creates 'Momentum,' But Limitations Could Lessen Impact

New legislation would give Oklahoma’s judges more discretion in sentencing certain nonviolent offenders.

Silverberg: Progress requires investing now for future gains

Silverberg outlines the "instant-gratification society" that we live in today, where we fight the notion to save for future needs and instead work towards...

Will Baltimore’s troubles handicap O’Malley’s White House hopes?

O’Malley fashions himself as a no-nonsense crime fighter, but his city has not only become a national monument to urban devastation, but it is experiencing one of its worst murder sprees in years.


The Biggest Mystery Of Baltimore’s Riots

How did a city where blacks are well-represented among the city government and police erupt in riots not seen since Martin Luther King Jr. was killed?

Want to reduce mass incarceration? Do no harm and invest in people and communities

Within the last year, “mass incarceration” has become a buzzword...

British Politician Has a Harsh Message for the Police — and America Needs to Pay Attention

The U.K.'s exceedingly logical approach is in stark contrast to prevailing attitudes in the United States...

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