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Statement on Virginia Parole Review and Update Commission

JPI responds to this significant event  

Soros Fellow Partners With JPI

Rachel Herzing, 2015 Soros Fellow, partners with JPI to explore an unconventional approach to community safety



Watch John Oliver explain why the US bail system is terrible

John Oliver's latest target is the US bail system that hurts low-income defendants while allowing the wealthy to pay their way to freedom.

Are For-Profit Prisons, or Public Unions, the Biggest Lobby No One’s Talking About?

Outrage over private prisons are largely a distraction from the wider issues of the prison-industrial complex.

Bringing an End to the Incarceration Generation

The good news is that more today is known than ever before about what works and doesn't work to address offending and promote safety....

New Prison Reform Law Creates 'Momentum,' But Limitations Could Lessen Impact

New legislation would give Oklahoma’s judges more discretion in sentencing certain nonviolent offenders.

Silverberg: Progress requires investing now for future gains

Silverberg outlines the "instant-gratification society" that we live in today, where we fight the notion to save for future needs and instead work towards...

Will Baltimore’s troubles handicap O’Malley’s White House hopes?

O’Malley fashions himself as a no-nonsense crime fighter, but his city has not only become a national monument to urban devastation, but it is experiencing one of its worst murder sprees in years.


The Biggest Mystery Of Baltimore’s Riots

How did a city where blacks are well-represented among the city government and police erupt in riots not seen since Martin Luther King Jr. was killed?

Want to reduce mass incarceration? Do no harm and invest in people and communities

Within the last year, “mass incarceration” has become a buzzword...

British Politician Has a Harsh Message for the Police — and America Needs to Pay Attention

The U.K.'s exceedingly logical approach is in stark contrast to prevailing attitudes in the United States...

The battle for Baltimore

A combination of drugs, corruption and institutional racism has plagued Baltimore for decades.

Punish or rehab? Look at the costs

The vast majority of those incarcerated will be at an age still requiring them to have employment when they’re released, but it can be a very difficult proposition for them if they are not prepared.

The Real "Looting": From Slavery to Policing and Beyond

The system that people in Baltimore rose up against stretches back across the centuries.

Activists say Jay Z and Beyonce quietly bailed out Baltimore and Ferguson protesters

The notion that a celebrity couple would need to contribute vast sums to fund bail for protestors highlights a problem in how the US detains its citizens.

Bail system creates another hurdle for poor defendants, including recent protestors

Bail in Baltimore is a weird thing—and complicated, but it’s worth understanding because it matters.

Investing in jobs and schools in Sandtown is a better solution than filling jail cells

What is the right investment in public safety in Sandtown, and how can we unlock resources to build stronger, safer neighborhoods?

Keep Kids Out of Handcuffs

The legal system has often become a go-to for even the most minor transgressions of children, particularly children of color.

Amid turmoil in Baltimore, a story of hidden health care gaps

Baltimore suffers glaring disparities in crime rates, income, education, housing – and health.

Drug courts are not the answer

Drug courts may do more harm than good when it comes to treating participants, saving taxpayer dollars and keeping people out of jail for simple drug possession.

These maps show just how racially problematic our bail system is

Most of the people being held in local jails have not been convicted of a crime and are only there because they couldn’t afford to post bail pre-trial.

They’re Not ‘Thugs’ — They’re Our Children

By referring to the young adults engaged in Baltimore’s protests as “criminals” and “thugs," commentators invoke harmful narratives about the young people involved.

Baltimore Burning: It’s Not A Matter of Money. We Tried That

Federal and state money has been pouring into the city for decades, yet nearly a quarter of the people in the city still live in poverty.

What Police Can Learn from Deep Learning

Police departments are increasingly turning to predictive analytics to help them fight crime, and the early returns are positive.

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