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Court cases decline, but state wants more judges

New judges to cost $25M over 5 years.

Hillary Clinton's plan to undo the school-to-prison pipeline, explained

Vox breaks down Hillary Clinton's proposed criminal justice reform.

Private Prisons Fight Back

Part of the documentary series "Truth and Power".

For-Profit Prisons: The Powerful Lobby Few Are Talking About

JPI's Paul Ashton discusses private prisons.

Solitary Confinement and Juvenile Justice

JPI's Marc Schindler discusses youth solitary confinement.

Statement on Governor Hogan’s announcement of building a new Baltimore jail complex

JPI responds to Governor Hogan's announcement. 

We agree with President Obama

President Obama banned the use of solitary for juveniles in federal prison.

One of the biggest problems with American policing: we rely on cops way too much

We have put too much responsibility on law enforcement.

Affluenza: a plague on both their houses, their cars and their yacht

The case of infamous ‘affluenza teen’ Ethan Couch has reignited incredulity toward money-borne illness. 

Affluenza: a plague on both their houses, their cars and their yacht

The case of infamous ‘affluenza teen’ Ethan Couch has reignited incredulity toward money-borne illness. 

New York’s ‘Bail Bond Queen’, ruler of a controversial industry

JPI's Marc Schindler weighs in on the bail bond industry.

Build stronger and safer communities in Baltimore

We must reinvest outside the justice system in order to bring justice to Baltimore.

Justice Reform in 2015 and Beyond

How we can sustain 2015's criminal justice reform.

Why you should know what happened in Freddie Gray’s life — long before his death

The Freddie Gray incident sheds light on large problems in Baltimore

Md. panel recommends less prison for drug offenders, more treatment

Maryland will consider legislation that is aimed at reducing the prison population.

JPI's 2015 Newsletter

It's been a big year for criminal justice reform and JPI!

Policy Institute Searches for Better Ways to Keep D.C. Residents Safe

JPI advocates for a different approach to addressing violence within the community.

Good Reasons To Raise Age For Juvenile Justice

Why we should raise the age for the juvenile justice system.

Temper Risk and Needs Assessments With Positive Youth Development

Juvenile justice systems have an unprecedented opportunity to utilize advances in knowledge. 

Juvenile incarceration rate has dropped in half. Is trend sustainable?

The number of juveniles committed to prison or other facilities dropped by 53 percent between 2001 and 2013, a new study found.

Why So Few School Cops Are Trained to Work With Kids

Only 12 states mandate that school resource officers receive student-specific preparation.

The brutal Spring Valley High School video shows what happens when you put cops in schools

A sheriff's deputy in South Carolina was fired after he grabbed and threw a black student during a brutal arrest at Spring Valley High School.

Nebraska Abolished The Death Penalty, Find Out How and Reform Of The Criminal Justice System, Why Now?

JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler discusses the need for criminal justice reform.

JPI Announces its Newest Board Member

The Justice Policy Institute is proud to announce its newest board member, Michael Satin

Should we close all youth prisons and is now the right time?

Is it time for America to close its youth prisons?

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