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Increase in Homicides Unlikely to Derail Juvenile Justice Reforms, Observers Say

An increase in homicides in major cities across the country this year is unlikely to hamper juvenile justice reform efforts.

Ruger and Gastanaga: Toward smart justice reform

The Charles Koch Institute and the ACLU of Virginia come together to advocate for criminal justice reform.

The Short, Hard Life Of Freddie Gray

Baltimore burned after Gray's death because his demise was emblematic.

The Perils of Probation

Letter in response to the New York Times piece On Probation, Lives Can Run Far Off Track.

Advocates, Analysts See Pivotal Moment in Push for Reforms

President Obama’s speech on criminal justice reform last month included a familiar refrain for juvenile justice reformers: “Kids are different.”

After More Than Two Decades, Should Virginia Give Parole A Second Chance?

VA's parole system has become a topic of conversation in recent months, the result of a new commission created by Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

Gov. Hogan announces 'immediate' closure of Baltimore jail

On Thursday, July 30, Gov. Hogan announced the immediate closing of the Baltimore City Detention Center.

Gov. Hogan announces 'immediate' closure of Baltimore jail

On Thursday, July 30, Gov. Hogan announced the immediate closing of the Baltimore City Detention Center.

State to save up to $15M annually by closing Baltimore City Detention Center

The state of MD will save $10 million-$15 million per year by closing Baltimore City Detention Center.

Statement on Governor Hogan’s announcement of closing Baltimore jail

Statement on Governor Hogan’s announcement of closing Baltimore jail

How to Stop Jail Suicides

Sandra Bland’s death was preventable on multiple levels. A jail architect explains how design failed her nearly as badly as the police.

President Obama Spends Day in Federal Prison... Houston Leaders Bring Attention to Texas

President Barack Obama surprised many last week by making an appearance in a place where no president has appeared before - a federal penitentiary.

America’s Lockup Complex

Year-over-year, America sets new prison records. No other nation on Earth comes close to America’s “lock’em up” ethos.

Big business built the prison state. Why should we trust them to tear it down?

The Koch brothers have connections to lobbying groups that harmed inmates, yet they are becoming vocal advocates for prison reform.

A national agenda for criminal justice reform: Not just second chances, but a rational first response

During a powerful speech to the NAACP convention on Tuesday, President Obama outlined sweeping reforms to ensure our justice system is more fair and effective.

A Much-Needed Alternative to Youth Prisons

Shaena Fazal and Jeff Fleischer of Youth Advocate Programs comment on Patrick McCarthy's ideas about closing youth prisons.

Prisons, Community Corrections, Rehabilitation and Re-integration

JPI's Jason Ziedenberg discusses prisons, community corrections, and rehabilitation and re-integration of formerly incarcerated people.

Social media driving policy

President Obama’s recent tweets about mass incarceration bring policy discussions to the public.

Criminal Justice Experts: Bail System Needs More Than Reform, It Needs to Be Scrapped

Unless we deal with the issue of police interactions, the bail system and everything else is just a bunch of bandaids.

Schapiro: Which side will benefit from parole gambit?

Republicans want to make this a debate about safe streets. Perhaps McAuliffe, the self-styled Jobs Governor, can make it about economic opportunity.

Problems With Parole In America

Criminal justice reform experts discuss problems with parole in America on the Kojo show.

NLC to Hold Leadership Academy on Juvenile Justice Reform

The National League of Cities Institute for Youth, Education, and Families will host its second Municipal Leadership for Juvenile Justice Reform Leadership Academy from September 23-25, 2015 in Minneapolis.

The Dark Realities Of Being A Minor in Prison

Marc Schindler, JPI's executive director, discusses the realities of being a minor in prison on HuffPost Live.

Ex-convicts struggle to find work in Baltimore

A Marketplace analysis found the unemployment rate in Sandtown-Winchester is 22 percent.

Rethink incarceration in Virginia

Amanda Petteruti, Justice Policy Institute's senior research associate, wrote a letter to the editor in response to a Washington Post article entitled Va. to revisit parole option.

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