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‘Where are the kids?’ Distrust, zero-tolerance policies a bad combination

As the number of SROs have increased nationwide so, too, have the court citations. About 92,000 students were arrested in school during the 2011-12 school year, and most of those are low-level violations.

Malloy looking to expand state program that reduces suspensions, expulsions

A Connecticut program with some success of improving behavioral outcomes for students may soon be expanded into more schools around the state.

Sticker Shock South Carolina

Let's convince policymakers it's time for juvenile justice reform. Help spread the word about the high cost of youth incarceration in South Carolina!

The 2 Reasons Data May Not Solve America’s Crime Problem

Can data prevent crimes? A February article from the Associated Press says states are using such systems to “drive down prison populations, reduce recidivism, and save billions of dollars.”

WEBINAR: The Real Costs of Confinement and “What Works” to Improve Youth Outcomes

Juvenile justice systems have achieved substantial reforms, but many still struggle to reduce recidivism and improve outcomes for youth.

The Business of Positive Youth Justice: Measuring Success

The most common test of a juvenile justice program asks: How many kids were arrested and/or convicted again? The PYJ framework imagines the role of the justice system differently from the mission of most justice systems.

The Business of Positive Youth Justice: Changing Staff Perception

Just as I believe in helping youth grow to their fullest potential, so too do I believe in the capacity of the adults and systems that serve them.

Sticker Shock Nevada

Let's convince policymakers it's time for juvenile justice reform. Help spread the word about the high cost of youth incarceration in Nevada!

The True Cost of Incarceration in Baltimore's Poorest Neighborhoods

TRNN's Stephen Janis talks to Justice Policy Institute Executive Director Marc Schindler about how Maryland spends millions incarcerating residents of inner city neighborhood.

Feeding the prison population with our youth must stop

Youth should not be incarcerated for minor offenses that require discipline, rather than discriminatory incarceration.

The Criminalization of Youth
Who are we really protecting when we treat kids like second-class citizens?
Matthew T. Mangino: Leniency or smart punishment strategy

As prisons continue to grow and states struggle to pay the costs, the disastrous consequences of the prison industrial complex have come into focus.

Sticker Shock Florida

Let's convince policymakers it's time for juvenile justice reform. Help spread the word about the high cost of youth incarceration in Florida!

Maryland looking at prison sentencing reform

The Maryland General Assembly is moving ahead on a bill that would let the state explore prison sentencing reform and reduce recidivism among former inmates.

Fewer teens behind bars after state puts emphasis on helping rather than punishing

Beginning in the early 2000s, Connecticut adopted “evidence-based” programs that were aimed at changing the youth’s behavior rather than just punishing it.

A police shooting in Madison, WI, highlighted the city's alarming racial disparities

The police shooting of Tony Robinson, an unarmed biracial 19-year-old, has awakened fears that the supposedly progressive city of 240,000 is far from immune to racial disparities in law enforcement

A negative return on investing in prisons

Katie Allston, executive director at Marian House, explains why we cannot imprison our way out of the entrenched poverty that grips certain areas of Baltimore City.

OP-ED: Crime Victims Are Not Who You Think

Who's most likely to be victimized by violence? As JPI's Paul Ashton explains, the answer may surprise you.

Tony Robinson Killing Highlights Wisconsin's Racial Inequities

Wisconsin has the highest rate of incarceration of black men in the country, and most Wisconsin counties arrest black people at exceptionally high rates--even outpacing the disparities in Ferguson, Missouri.

On International Women's Day, activists keep attention on prisons, police brutality, and women heroes throughout history

For the 50 Baltimore citizens who convened on International Women's Day to celebrate, commemorate, and mobilize fellow women activists, the revolutionary spirit was alive and well.

Sticker Shock Texas

Let's convince policymakers it's time for juvenile justice reform. Help spread the word about the high cost of youth incarceration in Texas!

What we know about the police shooting of unarmed 19-year-old Tony Robinson in Madison, WI

A white Madison, Wisconsin, police officer on Friday shot and killed Tony Robinson, an unarmed black 19-year-old.

After jail, women struggle to live

Often, no job or savings for an apartment upon release.

DOJ Shows Ferguson’s — & America’s — School Discipline Crisis

When considered alongside the high levels of suspensions and other overuse of harsh discipline, it is clear that Ferguson-Florissant is using every tool available — including long arms of the law — to avoid serving children it deems unworthy of high-quality education.

Jails: Time to Wake Up to Mass Incarceration in Your Neighborhood

Jails admit nearly 12 million people every year. Yet they are largely off the radar of critics of mass incarceration. However, as a new report by Vera Institute and actions by activists around the country demonstrate, jails matter.

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