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A Focus on Young Adults Will Help Create Safer Communities and Reduce the Use of Incarceration

Marc Schindler discusses JPI's newest report on young adult justice.

Time is right for criminal justice reforms

Jordan Richardson of the Charles Koch Institute cites JPI. 

Maryland's unconstitutional bail reality

Maryland's bail system is unconstitutional and can't be allowed to continue. 

Study: Maryland spending too much locking people up; Not enough on alternative programs

JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler joins Fox Baltimore to discuss reinvestment in Maryland. 

MD Bail Industry Takes Hit From New Rule Protecting Poor Defendants

Judiciary Rules Committee approves guidance for judges instructing them to reconsider bail for defendants to poor to pay.

Reform Maryland’s cash-bail practices

JPI joins the Pretrial Justice Institute in calling for Maryland pretrial reform.

‘Expansive’ Juvenile Justice Reform Bill Close to Law in DC

JPI's Marc Schindler weighs in. 

Stop Solitary for Kids: The Movement Grows

The Stop Solitary for Kids campaign continues to gain momentum. 

How Juvenile Justice Officials, Partners Should Honor National Youth Justice Awareness Month

Citing JPI and the Stop Solitary for Kids campaign. 

Unconstitutional detention

Md. judges should stop requiring cash as a condition of bail or at least set realistic prices.

Md. attorney general’s office raises constitutionality questions about state’s cash bail system

Citing JPI's Marc Schindler and Bail Fail report. 

An effective approach to youth justice will help enhance public safety

What the new FBI crime statistics tell us about juvenile justice reform.

A 14-Year-Old Is Facing Trial for 'Stealing' a Milk Carton - and It's Part of a Huge Problem

Citing JPI's Education Under Arrest.

FBI: Violent crime, murder rose in 2015, but stats still at historic lows

Citing JPI's Marc Schindler.

JPI Statement on the Crime Statistics and Trends

Policymakers should prioritize effective investments in crime prevention

What new crime stats tell us about our approach to justice?

We need to rethink our approach to violent crime.

Scott: Money Spent on Prison Should be Used to Train Cops

Quoting JPI's Marc Schindler

Feds to Schools: Kids Don’t Need More Cops on Campus

JPI's Marc Schindler weighs in.

Defining Violence: America Needs To Reconsider Its Approach To Violent Crime To End Mass Incarceration

Marc Schindler writes about JPI's new report, Defining Violence.

Violent crime shouldn't be left out of prison reform debate

Read JPI's new report, Defining Violence

America can’t reduce incarceration without focus on violent crime

America must have a serious, informed conversation about perpetrators of crime if we are truly going to come to grips with our addiction to incarceration.

Judge's Football Team Loses, Juvenile Sentences Go Up

JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler weighs in.

In Freddie Gray’s neighborhood, there are signs things are getting better

Citing JPI's The Right Investment.


JPI's Marc Schindler joins Crossroads to discuss Defining Violence and the Unger decision in Maryland.

New Report: America needs to reconsider its approach to violent crime to reduce incarceration

National Press Release: There is no way the U.S. will be able to lower its incarceration rate significantly without changing how the justice system treats violent crimes.

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