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JPI is Looking for a Communications Director -- Apply Now!

The Justice Policy Institute seeks a dynamic and seasoned full-time Director of Communication to lead an ambitious range of communications strategies.

Marc Schindler Pushes Back Against Calls for Increased Security at Woodland Hills Juvenile Detention Center

JPI's Executive Director, Marc Schindler, spoke out against calls by Tennessee officials for increased security at Woodland Hills Juvenile Detention Center, prompted by several recent escape attempts at the complex. 

Why Youth Employment Matters

JPI's Executive Director, Marc Schindler writes for the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange on the intersection between youth workforce development and juvenile justice reform.

Jason Ziedenberg Comments on Juvenile Detention following Incident in Tennessee

Responding to the recent escape of 32 teens from Tennessee's Woodland Hills Detention Center, JPI's Director of Policy & Research, Jason Ziedenberg, comments on the broader juvenile justice landscape in an interview with Nashville Public Radio.

Last Week of #MarylandMonth!

"Maryland Month" enters its final week as JPI releases its latest factsheet on community supervision (paroles & probation) in Maryland, available here...

NYT Letter to the Editor: "At Rikers, a Need for Accountability"

JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler, responds to a recent New York Times article about attempts to cover up widespread abuse at Rikers Island.

Federal Leadership Moving in Right Direction with New Grants

JPI's Executive Director, Marc Schindler writes for the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange on the recent collaboration between the Office of Justice Programs and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

#MarylandMonth Continues...

"Maryland Month" marches on as JPI releases its latest factsheet on prisons in Maryland, available here...

September is #MarylandMonth at JPI!

In honor of "Maryland Month," JPI will be highlighting various aspects of the Maryland justice system throughout the month of September...

Black and Blue: With Juveniles, Staff Training Matters More Than Race

The Chronicle of Social Change published this opinion editorial by JPI's Marc Schindler August 29, 2014. Schindler writes about the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. and asks: "Would diversifying the police force have helped prevent the tragedy at Ferguson? There is some evidence that black police officers and white police officers behave in similar ways and that the community sees the color of the uniform before the color of the officer’s skin."

Incarceration Generation: Alex Friedmann of Prison Legal News talks prison privatization

In our first podcast ever -- and the inaugural episode of our Incarceration Generation series -- Alex Friedmann, Managing Editor of Prison Legal News, talks private prisons.

The Great Lockup Divide

Originally posted on The Crime Report, JPI's Marc Schindler and Jasper Burroughs delve into the pressing need to reduce our reliance on incarceration.

Happy 1st Birthday, "Incarceration Generation!"

One year ago, the Justice Policy Institute released its first book, “Incarceration Generation,” a series of essays that catalogs the 40 year rise of mass incarceration and the generational scourge of the criminal justice system on children, families and taxpayers that has made the U.S. a world leader in the rate at which we incarcerate our citizens.

Building a Bipartisan Base for Safer and Smarter Juvenile Justice Policies

In the past two weeks, Congressional leaders took important steps to play a more catalytic role in advancing safe and smart youth justice policies, building on the bipartisan support that exists in the states to reduce reliance on incarceration for young people, and the research that shows locking up more youth doesn’t make us safer.

Virginia’s Corrections Budget Goes Over a Billion Dollars

Despite a recent report demonstrating a flawed justice system and skewed fiscal priorities, Virginia’s budget going into effect on July 1, includes over a billion dollars in general funds for the commonwealth’s corrections spending.

Alliance for Justice Highlights JPI

JPI is featured on (try to tag them on facebook) The Alliance for Justice’s member spotlight. Our Director of Communications, Zerline Hughes, had the chance to discuss the organization’s mission and advocacy efforts. The spotlight details JPI’s issue focuses, current campaigns such as Models for Change and Baltimore Criminal Justice Grassroots Advocacy Network, tips and lessons in collaboration. Read the entire spotlight:


A Week of Juvenile Justice Reform and Partnership

This week, we traveled to Philadelphia, joining so many of our partners in juvenile justice during the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) Conference. This work is critically important to the mission of JPI. After attending various workshops like Promoting Public Safety Through a Positive Youth Development Approach , and keynote addresses by Van Jones on working with unlikely allies , and reconnecting with organizations dedicated to reforming our juvenile justice systems, we are excited to continue the second half of the year with instruments and resources we can add to our toolbox.

Two New Works Focus on Closing Juvenile Institutions Profiled at the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Conference

When I served as general counsel, chief of staff, and interim director of the Washington, D.C. Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) -- the city's juvenile corrections agency -- I knew that as our team was working to build the juvenile justice system of tomorrow, we all were standing on the shoulders of reformers that came before us. Two new works on juvenile justice reform that were issued in the past month bring these two streams into sharp focus for me, and both works will resonate with anyone working to build the safer and more effective juvenile justice systems that young people and their families deserve.

Baltimore Bans the Box

JPI and other members of the Greater Baltimore Grassroots Criminal Justice Network joined Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby to witness Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake sign new legislation to "ban the box" on employment applications in Baltimore. 

JPI Spring Newsletter

A New Year, A New JPI

Our Work in Maryland and Virginia

Increasing Awareness Through Film

Incarceration Generation Book Tour

Executive Director's End Note

Baltimore Takes Steps to Remove Barriers for Formerly Incarcerated People

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE             CONTACT: Zerline Hughes
APRIL 29, 2014
                                       202.558.7974, 202.320.1029 cell

Incarceration Generation Sneak Peek: Foreword by Michelle Alexander

JPI's book, "Incarceration Generation," chronicles the last 40 years of sentencing, incarceration, and legislative priorities. Read the foreword by New York Times Bestselling Author Michelle Alexander.

High Recidivism Rates Highlight Need for Deeper Reforms

CONTACT: Zerline Hughes O: 202.558.7974 x 308 M: 202.320.1029 E:

Recidivism Rates Highlight Need for Deeper Reforms

Recidivism Rates Highlight Need for Deeper Reforms

From the Just Policy Blog - National Crime Victims' Rights Week: Restoring the Balance of Justice

The latest Just Policy Blog: National Crime Victims' Rights Week: Restoring the Balance of Justice

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