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#MarylandMonth Continues...

"Maryland Month" marches on as JPI releases its latest factsheet on prisons in Maryland, available here.

We encourage you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #MarylandMonth as we share this information.  Feel free to download the images below and post away!

What is Maryland Month? Throughout September, JPI will be highlighting various aspects of the Maryland justice system. These include statistics relating to jails, prisons, parole, probation, pretrial services, community supervision, treatment, demographics on who is in the system, what taxpayers spend on the system, and ways to put the hard numbers on Maryland’s overuse of incarceration into context. To learn about Maryland's demographics, see our factsheet and check out more share-able pics in our previous announcement. Read JPI's archive of Maryland reports or click on some more recent titles below:

Bailing on Baltimore
When Treatment is Punishment
Baltimore Behind Bars

Factsheet Sources:

Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. Improving Reentry (Towson, MD). Accessed July 10, 2014.

Martin O’Malley, Anthony G. Brown, Gary D. Maynard and Michael Stouffer. Annual Report Fiscal Year 2013 (Maryland Division of Correction).

State Department of Education. Budget (FY 2013).

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