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JPI Daily News Digest 2/6/2013

National: Armed Guards in Schools (CBS)
About a third of schools in the United States have armed guards. But after the Connecticut school shooting there is a new debate about whether more are needed." We don't need armed guards in those schools," Wisconsin State Rep. Fred Kessler told Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls during a recent CBS 58 News Town Hall Forum.

NY: Top Judge Says Bail in New York Isn’t Safe or Fair (NY Times)
astigating the bail process in New York as unfair to the poor and susceptible to allowing dangerous suspects to be set free, the state’s top judge called on Tuesday for an overhaul of the bail system that would bring the state closer in line with the rest of the country.

NY: New York's Chief Judge Agrees: Bail is Busted (The Village Voice)
In his annual "State of the Judiciary" speech, New York's chief judge Jonathan Lippman covered a wide range of topics, from juvenile justice to mortgage foreclosures to cameras in the courtroom. But one topic in particular caught our attention: bail.

CA: California juvenile crime rate drops to record low (24/7 Press Release)
Figures compiled by the California Department of Justice's Criminal Justice Statistics Center (and recently released by the non-profit Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice) Corrections shows that the state's juvenile crime rate is now the lowest it has been since comprehensive recordkeeping started in 1954.

LA: Mayor Mitch Landrieu wants to trim number of Juvenile Court judges (The Times-Picayune)
The city's six Juvenile Court judges got a bit of a surprise as Mayor Mitch Landrieu unveiled plans for a new juvenile justice complex in Gentilly: The mayor hopes to reduce the number of seats on the Juvenile bench, and the design of the new court reflects that desire. Judge Ernestine Gray, the court's chief judge, called the new facility "a good thing," but complained at a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday morning that she learned only yesterday that the new complex would have just four courtrooms.

RI: RI lawmakers introducing bills to legalize, regulate marijuana (Daily Journal)
Two Rhode Island lawmakers are introducing bills that would legalize, tax and regulate marijuana.

National: Mental Illness Soars In Prisons, Jails While Inmates Suffer  (Huffington Post)
Armando Cruz tied a noose around his neck and hanged himself from the ceiling of his prison cell. He left a note that ended in two chilling words.
“Remember me.”
His mother Yolanda, who was shown the note after her son's death, wants to make sure no one forgets.

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