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JPI Daily News Digest 1/29/2013

National: Privatized Prisons: A Human Marketplace  (Huffington Post)
IN THEORY, PRIVATELY RUN PRISONS are simply another municipal resource that for-profit management companies like the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group believe can be run cheaper and more efficiently than in the hands of government agencies: a free market alternative to the bureaucratic red tape of waste and regulation in the world of penitentiary administration.

PA: Governor adds own bill on juveniles (Gloucester Times)
Legislation filed Monday by Gov. Deval Patrick could eliminate mandatory life sentences without parole for juveniles convicted of first-degree murder and would also give juvenile courts full jurisdiction over 17-year-old offenders.

TX: Sheriffs seek mental health funding for jail inmates (News Channel 10)
Sheriffs departments across the state agree that mental illness is a top concern facing county jails.It's a sad truth that Texas sheriffs want to change. Twenty-four percent of Texas inmates have a serious mental illness.

IA: Iowa to close mental health center at prison (
The state is closing a 200-bed mental health center at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison only 10 years after spending $26 million to build the facility.

National: Investing in Youth Can Help Our Economy  (Huffington post)
A job is one of the most powerful tools for stabilizing a young life and breaking the cycle of poverty. At a time when employment remains an issue of great concern across the nation, the future of young people who are trying so hard to step out on their own is in jeopardy.

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