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JPI Daily News Digest 1/18/2013

MN: Minnesota has Second Lowest Incarceration Rate in the US; Inmate Jobs Take a Hit  (StillwaterPatch)
Of the estimated 9,500 inmates in state prisons, 1,604 people are incarcerated at Stillwater Prison and 439 inmates are at the state’s maximum-security facility in Oak Park Heights. In 2012, the average per diem cost of an inmate was $84.59.

MS: Report: Miss. school discipline too hard on kids (Times Record)
Civil rights advocates say harsh disciplinary practices at many Mississippi schools lead to children being expelled and even incarcerated for minor infractions, policies that disproportionally affect minorities.

MD: State scraps plans to build youth jail in Baltimore (Baltimore Sun)
After years of community opposition, state officials have abandoned plans to build a new Baltimore jail for juveniles charged as adults, citing declines in youth crimes as they unveiled a plan Wednesday to send more teens to treatment programs and renovate a smaller facility for defendants in violent offenses.

National: Administration’s Reentry Council working on several fronts (PolitiFact)
In 2011, Attorney General Eric Holder held the first meeting of the administration's Reentry Council "to identify and to advance effective public safety and prisoner reentry strategies.”

MD: Dearth of mental health treatment options leads to emergencies (Baltimore Sun)
The state has transitioned from housing people in state institutions to a system relying on community-based programs that allow individuals to live by themselves or with family. Dr. Gayle Jordan-Randolph, a deputy secretary at the state's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, said the trend encourages recovery.

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