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JPI Daily News Digest 1/15/2013

National: Unraveling the Fraying Edges of Zero Tolerance (Counter Punch)
In summer 2011, following the uprisings in Britain and the proposal by Prime Minister, David Cameron that former New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner and former Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Chief, William Bratton be brought on to run the Metropolitan police and advise on gangs, I wrote a piece warning against investing in quick-fix, Bratton-style suppression policing.

National: Alt Press Pick of the Week: How Bail Bonds Exploit the Poor (In These Times)
One insidious form of economic exploitation of the poor is the U.S. bail bond industry, designed to make a profit off the pretrial release of the accused. In the November, 2012 issue of Prison Legal News Tracy Velázquez, Melissa Neal and Spike Bradford deconstruct the exploitative profit-driven basis for the industry and offer a set of reform options to make pretrial release better for the health of the accused, their families, and the community that actually delivers more efficiency, more compliance with the law, and more equitable justice that the for-profit bail bond industry is constitutionally incapable of providing.

SC: New Bill on Mental Illness in Criminal Justice System (KFBB)
Senate Bill No. 11 states that offenders with mental illness who have been incarcerated would require parole and probation officers, along with members of the Board of Pardons to have knowledge in mental illness cases.

MN: The safety zone: Inside a school where no student's needs are too tough (MinnPost)
High school is an oasis for Justin, who is 14. He gets himself on the bus and comes every day, good or bad; he most looks forward to the classes where he can move around and do things. He’s particularly gifted at tasks that employ his hands. So far this year he has made a table and chairs in woodshop as well as several cups in art that he gave to his mother.

NJ: Hunterdon County to launch prevention program for juvenile offenders (Hunterdon Review)
Hunterdon County Prosecutor Anthony Kearns has announced the launch of Hunterdon County’s Law Enforcement Adolescent Program (L.E.A.P.) in collaboration with Hunterdon Prevention Resources.

PA: Overcrowded women's wing, mentally ill inmates top prison concerns in 2013 (PhillyBurbs)
The same two problems that vexed Bucks County prison officials in 2012 will be topping their agendas in 2013: overcrowding in the women's wing and concerns over the influx of mentally ill inmates. As of last week, 107 females were prisoners at the jail, in a space designed to house 90. Another 27 women are serving time in the minimum security Community Corrections wing, and 23 were being housed off-site at Kintock, a privately owned Philadelphia lockup, at a cost to taxpayers of $75 per inmate, per day.

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