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JPI Daily News Digest for 12/13/12

National: New FBI Report Shows Falling Crime Rates, But Police Spending Still High (Digital Journal)
On October 29, the FBI announced the results of their latest crime survey: in 2011, violent crime fell for the fifth year in a row, while property crime rates declined for the ninth consecutive year.

National: The US' school to prison pipeline  (Aljazeera)
Is an over-reliance on punitive school discipline policies pushing children out of education and into the criminal justice system? For the first time, a US congressional panel is looking into what the American Civil Liberties Union calls a disturbing trend - one that criminalises rather than educates many US children.

National: 'We should be shrinking the prison population by at least one-third.' (Bruce Ross' Blog)
So University of Chicago economist Steve Levitt (yeah, the guy who co-wrote "Freakonomics") tells The New York Times, arguing that the incarceration rate has risen so high in America that its costs far exceed any benefits.

WI: Impact of drug court on jail population (
he prison population in Wisconsin has more than tripled since 1990, with about 22,000 people currently incarcerated, according to the La Crosse County Sheriff. Eighty percent of that growth is the result of drug and alcohol addiction.  Even county jails are also exceeding capacity. Many counties are using treatment courts to reduce jail and prison populations, and recidivism rates.

National: Herhold: Does money have an impact on the criminal justice system? (Mercury News)
Should a million dollars have an impact on criminal justice? In the abstract, most of us would say no. Does a million dollars have an impact on criminal justice? In the real world, at least on the edges, people who know the system will shrug and say probably.

FL: Video shows girl, 15, battered in Florida juvenile prison (Miami Herald)
 A guard at a juvenile prison found herself behind bars this week after she was caught on tape battering a teenage detainee. Although the encounter got Shannon Linn Abbott arrested, it didn’t get her fired. The 33-year-old bailed out and was back on the job right afterward and supervising children, to the extreme dismay of the Department of Juvenile Justice.

LA: New Orleans Looks For Ways To Fund Jail Reform (WWNO)
The City of New Orleans is reviewing a consent decree designed to revamp operations at the parish jail. Federal officials are looking to the city to correct conditions they found unconstitutional.

LA: LA Public Service Commission to debate inmate phone fees (KTBS)
he Louisiana Public Service Commission is expected to vote Wednesday, Dec. 12, on the cost of phone calls for prison inmates. Public Service Commission Chairman Foster Campbell says discussions will start around 9 AM. He expects a heated debate with a vote to come around 10:30- 11 AM Wednesday.

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