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JPI Daily News Digest 11/16/2012

National: 40k Sign Petition Urging FCC Lower Prison Phone Rates (ColorLines)
It’s estimated that there are over 2.7 million kids in the United States who have at least one parent in prison, most of which are hundreds of miles away from their homes. That figure is just one glimpse into the collective impact that mass incarceration has on communities, the cost of which can actually be boiled down to dollars and cents.

National: Prison-Phone Rate Cuts Considered by U.S. Regulators (Bloomberg Businessweek)
U.S. regulators are considering rate caps and other steps to lower jailhouse telephone rates that enrich private equity firms as they cost U.S. prisoners and their families as much as $17 for a 15-minute call.

LA: Bid to lower prison call fees falters at meeting (The News Star)
Family members of inmates in local jails and state prisons and social justice groups that offer aid to inmates went away disappointed Thursday from a Public Service Commission meeting where they urged commissioners to reduce the cost of communicating with inmates by telephone.

LA: Louisiana sheriffs, prison operators keep control of inmate phone charges (Town Talk)
Two arguments from sheriffs and the head of state prisons carried more weight in the Louisiana Public Service Commission today than pleas from numerous proponents of reducing the cost of inmates calling home or their attorneys.

MD: Marijuana reform not on Maryland’s legislative agenda (Gazette Net)
Maryland lawmakers who support reform of the state’s marijuana laws are not planning to introduce legislation in the upcoming General Assembly session, despite the popular votes in Colorado and Washington state to legalize pot.

MN: Report: Racial inequalities rife in Minn.'s juvenile justice system (MPR News)
Christian Bonner was 14 when St Paul police first arrested him for fighting in school."One day I kinda lost it and I went and fought a kid. And the police got called on me," said Bonner, who is black. "And then I flipped out on the police."

National: Why is the Private Prison Industry in our Public Schools? (Nation of Change)
By now the phrase “school-to-prison pipeline” is at least recognizable to the Left. Its presence in our political lexicon serves as a reminder that our public schools and, increasingly, our diffuse prison apparatus are at times operationally and institutionally indistinct, a fact not lost on those who negotiate both.

FL: Success in Juvenile Justice Diversions May Influence Treatment of Adult Offenders in Florida (JJIE)
In October, officials in one Florida community announced that its local police force would now have the ability to issue civil citations in lieu of formal arrests for certain crimes. The Leon County, Fla., measure targeting a largely adult-offender base takes many cues from the state’s juvenile justice system, which has seen vast improvements to juvenile crime rates due to lock-up alternatives.

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