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JPI Daily News Digest 11/5/2012

MD: Report Recommends Reform of Bail System (Southern MD Online)
The Maryland Public Defender Office has been providing representation since June to all defendants seeking counsel in their bail review hearings. But a Justice Policy Institute report released last month on the bail system in Baltimore City found the money-bail system itself discriminates against lower income defendants.

FL: Civil Citations Instead of Arrest for Minor Crimes (WJHG, ABC 7)
A civil citation program for juvenile offenders has been so successful; police in Tallahassee are expanding it to adult misdemeanor offenders. Statewide, of 8,000 juveniles given a citation and treatment instead of a record, only 7% reoffended in a first year. The Smart Justice program is backed by business interests.

CA: Juvenile Drug Court gives youth offenders extra push (Great Falls Tribune)
Judge Kenneth Neill meets weekly with participants of the Juvenile Drug Court, reviewing with each person his or her successes and setbacks during the previous week. Neill reads from files prepared for the participants, asks them how they’re doing at Saturday school, or on preparation for taking their GED test. When a participant has had a particularly exceptional week, Neill encourages everyone in the courtroom to applaud in congratulation.

OH: Allen commissioners approve juvenile detention agreement (
ith space at the Allen County Juvenile Detention Center at a premium, Allen County commissioners on Thursday approved a deal to send some youth offenders out of county when space locally isn’t available. Berlin Carroll, director of treatment and detention services at the juvenile detention center, said the 30-bed facility designates 11 beds for the cognitive behavior residential treatment program and 19 beds to the detention program.

AL: Federal prison factories caught in debate: Should inmates be doing private-sector work? (Washington Post)
On the outside, Unicor, with its big oaks and magnolia trees, looks like it could be part of a landscaped industrial park. Step a little closer and it’s clear the apparel shop lies in the middle of a medium-security federal prison in east Alabama.

AZ: We can have both high-quality education and safe, cost-effective prisons (Az Capitol Times)
In 2012, the Arizona Department of Corrections’ budget increased by 11 percent. It was the only agency that increased its share of the state’s general fund. At the same time, education funding at all levels plummeted, with our state’s education system ranking 44 out of 51, according to “Education Week.”

CA: Fewer prison inmates eligible for transfer to county jails (SacBee)
As California struggles to meet a court-ordered reduction of its prison population, newly released figures show corrections officials overstated the number of low-level offenders eligible to be diverted to local jurisdictions as part of Gov. Jerry Brown's public safety realignment plan.

CO: Colorado spending $208 million on empty prison (SFGate)
Three days ago, Colorado shut down a brand-new prison it didn't need. Unless the state government finds someone else who can use it, Colorado taxpayers can expect to spend $208 million for an empty building.

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