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JPI Daily News Digest 2/21/12

AZ: Editorial: Let's get facts on private prisons (Arizona Republic)
Arizona lacks the information it needs to make good decisions about private prisons. This simple fact is reinforced by a recent report that raises troubling questions about public safety, cost and the people's right to know.

CA: Report: State Should Shut Down Youth Prison System (Bay Citizen)
California lawmakers should phase out the state’s youth prison system and begin housing and treating all juvenile offenders in county programs, according to recommendations released this week by the state Legislative Analyst’s Office.

FL: Opinion: Private or public, prison system can't be a profit center (Palm Beach Post)
It would be madness for Florida to mass privatize the state prison system. It also would be madness if Florida didn't change the state prison system, and the legal system that feeds it.

FL: Private prisons are a bad idea (South Florida Sun Sentinel)
If you repeat something often enough, people start to believe it. And so it is with the buzzword "privatization," which took hold in Florida during Jeb Bush's time as governor. The thesis: the private sector can always do things smarter, cheaper and better than government. It has become accepted as fact, like the sun rising in the east.

MO: Social workers ready to help teen offenders (Columbia Daily Tribune)
Social workers are more prepared to deal with teenage offenders than law enforcement officers working in juvenile corrections systems, a University of Missouri researcher says.

MS: Bill could require authorities to report teenage kissing (Natchez Democrat)
A proposed law that has passed the Mississippi House could have serious unintended consequences regarding the reporting of sex crimes against juveniles, a local juvenile justice judge said.

NY: Profiting from Prisons (The Crime Report)
Early this year, the United Methodist Church Board of Pension and Health Benefits voted to withdraw nearly $1 million in stocks from two private prison companies, the GEO Group and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).

SC: Editorial: Prisons: Pay now or pay later (Post and Courier)
Some attempts to get tough on prisoners have turned out to be tougher on prison guards and staff. And some measures to save money have ended up costing more. The Legislature should recognize that protecting the state from criminals is one of its core functions -- and should be funded adequately.

TX: Op-Ed: Make youth justice a safer situation (Austin-American Statesman)
Recent Texas Tribune-New York Times revelations of ongoing safety concerns in Texas' juvenile justice system only confirm what the leading national research shows: Secure juvenile facilities are a taxpayer burden, work against rehabilitation and can make youths' problems worse.

VT: Study examines racial disparities in Vermont policing (Boston Globe)
Video: The data cannot answer why non-white drivers got more tickets than whites.

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