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Justice Policy Institute Urges President Trump to Consider Holistic Approaches to Violence Prevention
Following President Trump’s Executive Order, JPI calls for reform informed by data and facts
Justice Policy Institute commends Maryland Court’s action to reform state’s bail approach
Maryland's Court of Appeals ruled that judges must consider a person's ability to pay before…
Taking A Stand Against DeVos: 5 Action Steps to Mobilize and Stay Informed
Citing JPI's Education Under Arrest .
Trump should focus on facts, not fear in reducing violent crime
JPI weighs in on why we need holistic approaches to violence prevention.
Questions need to be asked about bail bond industry contributions in Maryland
Marc Schindler weighs in on #BailReformMD.
Advocates Urge Removing Influence of Money in Maryland’s Pretrial System
Non-profit groups in Maryland call for legislative action following report of special interest…
States Consider Options for Young Adults in Justice System
Quoting JPI's Marc Schindler.
Hundreds of Thousands Are Languishing in Jails Because They Can't Afford Bail Bonds: A National Movement Is Building to End This
Citing JPI's Bail Fail .
Harnessing data and information can lead to a better youth justice system
Read our new report Improving Approaches to Serving Young Adults in the Justice System.
Draw From Juvenile Justice System’s Strengths for Better Approaches for Young Adults
Read our new report Improving Approaches to Serving Young Adults in the Justice System.
Liz Ryan, President of Youth First Initiative, Discusses the Painful Reality of Youth Incarceration
Citing JPI's "Sticker Shock" .
Greater Baltimore Committee recommends initiatives to put more ex-offenders to work
Citing JPI's research on Baltimore.
Justice by Algorithm
Citing JPI's "Bailing on Baltimore"
A Focus on Young Adults Will Help Create Safer Communities and Reduce the Use of Incarceration
Marc Schindler discusses JPI's newest report on young adult justice.
Baltimore's cash bail system traps thousands, propelling the poor deeper into poverty
Citing JPI's Bail Fail.

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