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Overcrowded jails, wasted tax dollars: Let's reform cash bail in Kentucky — and the nation
Cites JPI's Bail Fail report.
Thousands of Americans are jailed before trial. A new report shows the lasting impact.
Cites JPI's Bail Fail report.
How I ‘Jump-Started’ My Life After Prison
Tyrone Walker, JPI Intern and Georgetown Pivot Fellow, writes on the importance of second chances…
Watch Wide Angle Youth Media’s video on the Unger Group
Discussing the release of the new short film " The Ungers: A Matter of Time."
OSI publishes cost-benefit analysis of releasing aging prisoners
Cites JPI's “ The Ungers: Five Years and Counting ” report.
Paroling elderly inmates is humane solution to costly mass incarceration
Executive Director Marc Schindler discusses geriatric parole and the landmark court ruling —…
Congress should move forward on sentencing reform
Cites JPI's "The Ungers, 5 Years and Counting."
Nonprofit points to Maryland Unger cases as proof oldest prisoners should be set free
Cites and discusses JPI's new report "The Ungers, 5 Years and Counting."
Crime Victims Agree Violent Offenders Should Also Get Community Treatment
JPI staff Ryan King and Jeremy Kittredge discuss our new report "Smart, Safe, Fair: Strategies to…
A Balanced Response to Youth Violence
Keith Wallington, JPI's State Based Strategist, discusses crime survivor needs and our "Smart,…
On the one year anniversary of Md.'s Justice Reinvestment Act, we don't have enough data to analyze its efficacy
JPI's Ryan King and Keith Wallington weigh in on the one year anniversary of Maryland's Justice…
[PRESS RELEASE] On the first anniversary of the Justice Reinvestment Act, a new Justice Policy Institute policy brief calls for full implementation
Justice Reinvestment Act Press Release.
Why Do We Keep Our Aging Prisoners Behind Bars?
JPI staff address the issue of America's aging prison population and proposes a solution that would…
Taxing our kids to fund prisons
What do schools and prisons have in common? They each require budget allocations, which establish…
Will Sessions’ New Justice Strategy Turn the Clock Back on Civil Rights?
Executive Director Marc Schindler and Vice President of JustLeadershipUSA Brent Cohen examine how…
Comprehensive crime bill will take us back decades
Cites JPI's The Right Investment? Corrections Spending in Baltimore City report.
Do Police Officers In Schools Really Make Them Safer?
Quotes Executive Director Marc Schindler on the effectiviness of SROs in schools.
Local Restorative Justice Could Be Best Kind of Diversion for Youth
Quotes JPI's Sticker Shock report.
Hogan’s crime bills won’t actually reduce crime
As the legislature debates Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's regressive crime bills, Marc Schindler and…
The Problem with Private Prisons
Cites JPI's Gaming the System report.
A cycle-breaking program Baltimore could use
Cites JPI's The Right Investment report.
Finding a Fix
Quoting Marc Schindler, Executive Director.
Governor Hogan, Don’t echo President Trump on crime
The Governor should heed his own words and “explore better, smarter options” that…
Justice Department Ends Era of Pushing Police Reform
Quoting Marc Schindler, Executive Director.
Is it now inevitable that all states will raise the age?
With New York and North Caroline passing raise the age policies, it seems innevitable that the…

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