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Criminal Justice Reform Now
Cites "Virginia's Justice System" Policy Brief.
DC Council is considering letting more violent offenders out early. The U.S. Attorney’s office says that’s a horrible idea
Quotes JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler and JPI Associate Tyrone Walker.
Minneapolis Pledges $650k For Tenants’ Legal Defense
Cites JPI's Housing and Public Safety report.
Booker’s right: Paying $60,000 a year to jail one geriatric inmate deserves ‘a second look’
Cites JPI's "The Ungers, 5 Years and Counting" report.
Sens. Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren propose criminal justice reforms: Will they make a difference?
Quotes JPI's Director of Research and Policy, Ryan King.
Texas DA's vow to continue prosecuting pot possession cases sparks concern over costs, fairness
Cities JPI's "Race and Imprisonment in Texas" report.
Calvin Ash comes home from prison, 15 years overdue
Cites Maryland Justice Reinvestment Act: One Year Later [POLICY BRIEFS 2018].
Maryland should release more elderly inmates
Cites JPI's "The Ungers, 5 Years and Counting" report.
A DC Jail Unit Challenges the ‘Warehouse’ Approach to Corrections
Cites JPI's work with the Young Men Emerging video.
Virginia Teen Was Detained and Prosecuted for Saying 'Oink Oink' to Cop
Cites JPI's Dangers of Detention report.
Overcrowded jails, wasted tax dollars: Let's reform cash bail in Kentucky — and the nation
Cites JPI's Bail Fail report.
Thousands of Americans are jailed before trial. A new report shows the lasting impact.
Cites JPI's Bail Fail report.
How I ‘Jump-Started’ My Life After Prison
Tyrone Walker, JPI Intern and Georgetown Pivot Fellow, writes on the importance of second chances…
Maryland keeps a model prisoner locked up 15 years too long
Cites JPI's "The Ungers: 5 Years and Counting" report.
Maryland’s prison population drops to 1980s levels, continuing a multiyear decline
Cites Ryan King, JPI's Director of Research and Policy.
Stop charging 17-year-olds as adults: The conservative case for 'raise the age'
Cites JPI's Raise The Age report.
Group's second conference looks to shift from talk to action on inequities
Cites JPI's Sticker Shock report.
Effective or Inefficient: The debate over School Resource Officers
Cites Executive Director Marc Schindler.
Juvenile justice: Initiative encourages courts to find detention alternatives
Cites JPI's the Dangers of Detention report.
Newport police chief seeks support for resource officer in new school
Cites JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler.
Watch Wide Angle Youth Media’s video on the Unger Group
Discussing the release of the new short film " The Ungers: A Matter of Time."
14 advocacy groups urge Baltimore Mayor Pugh to end marijuana arrests
JPI was part of a coalition of advocacy groups that sent a letter to the Baltimore Mayor.
A Florida boy was arrested after refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in class
Cites JPI's Education Under Arrest report.
After Parkland, Schools Upped Police Presence. Has it Made Students Safer?
Quotes JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler.
These Pension Funds Invest Millions in Private Prisons
Cites JPI's Gaming the System report.

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