News from past 90 days

Bail Fail in Maryland: An Industry Corrupting the Process and Breaking the Law

JPI urges Maryland legislators to join the national movement to end punitive and ineffective systems of commercial bail and fund effective pretrial services.

Keep kids out of the courts

Cites JPI's work on juvenile incarceration costs.

Rethinking bail: Pretrial release and apps among trends here and nationwide

Cities JPI's Bail Fail report.

Finding a Fix

Quoting Marc Schindler, Executive Director.

One last chance: Advocates for raising Missouri's criminal prosecution age make their case

Citing JPI's work around raise the age. 

Governor’s Crime Package Won’t Stop Crime

Following Governor Hogan’s crime package announcement, JPI calls for effective action informed by data and facts.

Baltimore officials hoping to bring anti-violence program to city

Quoting Marc Schindler, Executive Director.

Marc Schindler: Harsh treatment for teens won't work

JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler discusses excessive use of force and solitary confinement in a youth correctional facility.

It’s time to close all youth prisons

JPI's Executive Director Marc Schindler and Vincent Schiraldi, Senior Research Scientist at the Columbia Justice Lab, advocate for the closure of youth facilities.