Continuing This Critically Important Work With Your Help

Our nation's leaders are saying what the Justice Policy Institute (JPI) and our supporters have long argued - mass incarceration is destroying the fabric of our communities. Now is the time for real reform of our justice systems.

Over the last 15 years, the Justice Policy Institute (JPI) has sounded the alarm bells around the astronomical growth in our jail and prison systems. The United States now incarcerates over 2.3 million people, more than any other country in history. Over 60,000 young people are locked up in juvenile facilities throughout the country. Much of the increase has been the result of imprisoning people who have committed non-violent offenses, who now make up over 60 percent of our jail and prison populations. Far from making our communities safer, JPI's research has shown that needlessly incarcerating people can in fact exacerbate the conditions that destabilize neighborhoods and communities. At a cost of nearly $80 billion a year, nearly four and half times what we spent in 1980, these policies are eating up precious resources we could be using to create safe and productive communities. 

At JPI, we are working hard to expose the policies that do and don't work to promote safety, and make sure that your tax dollars are spent more wisely and more effectively, but we need your help. Please support our efforts by making a contribution today so that we can continue this critically important work.   

JPI has evolved into one of the most thoughtful and progressive voices for reforming juvenile and criminal justice systems across the country. We are a leader in the field, with rich experience and diverse expertise, and our history as a strong independent voice has made JPI a trusted source and key partner for funders, advocates, and policymakers seeking change.  

Our work is driven by three principles that make us a unique and critical voice for reform of the justice system:

JPI does the research others won't (or can't) do.

Time and time again, JPI's cutting-edge research shows that today's justice system is neither fair nor effective. The status quo costs too much with too little in return. JPI keeps up the pressure to change the system, and calls out those who stand in the way of reform.  

JPI tackles complex problems, and focuses on holistic responses. JPI knows that the prison system is driven by the challenges facing our communities. Our failure to provide adequate education, job training, or health care to people struggling to get ahead drives our overuse of incarceration. JPI produces straightforward, accessible research that provides clear policy solutions that focus on the real problems.  

JPI is working at the national and local level, across the field. JPI is one of the few organizations in the country able to influence debate at the national level while also providing grassroots and state-based advocates, affected communities and systems stakeholders with the research and communications assistance they need to support justice reform work.

JPI is poised to build on these successes and provide much needed support and strategic leadership to its partners throughout the country in the fight against mass incarceration. Your financial support is critical to bringing fresh, data-driven ideas to justice reform. A contribution to JPI not only directly supports our research, it sends an important message: Safe and vibrant communities can be achieved through alternatives to incarceration.

Help JPI continue its work to reduce the use of incarceration and promote policies that improve the well-being of all communities. Help us produce information that speaks to impacted communities and policy makers. With your donation, you will help us deliver the call our
policymakers need to hear: promote health and safety; don't waste lives and resources.

We have much work to do and hope you will support JPI today.

Thank you and best wishes for the holidays,    

Marc Schindler, Executive Director

Peter Leone, Chair of the Board

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