Hogan-Zirkin Crime Bill 2018

MD Governor Larry Hogan introduced a package of 3 crime bills in the legislature this year. A working group of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee produced a new 50 page bill and amended it to a barely related 4 page bill. JPC voted it out of committee with little more than a day for consideration. Common Cause has filed a complaint for the committee's failure to comply with the Open Meetings Act. Calling it "Franken-legislation" the Baltimore Sun said on 3.6.18 that "it would take an advanced degree in legislative draftsmanship to tell what it says." Below are resources on the bill:

JPI Legislative Backgrounder
[SB 122 .pdf file]

News Coverage
Baltimore Sun, 3.28.18 [Critics attack crime bill backed by Gov. Larry Hogan, Maryland Senate]
Washington Post, 3.24.18 [Md. Lawmakers struggle for ways to address crime in one of the nation's most violent cities]
Baltimore Sun editorial, 3.6.2018 [Annapolis needs to take a time-out on Hogan-Zirkin crime bill]
Washington Post op ed, 2.7.18 Marc Schindler (JPI) and Kevin Ring (FAMM) [Hogan's Crime Bills Won't Actually Reduce Crime] Baltimore Sun, 1.30.18 [ACLU, allies vow to fight Maryland Gov. Hogan's proposals to get tough on crime]
Press Release, 12.6.17 [Governor's Crime Package Won't Stop Crime]
Baltimore Sun op ed, 10.10.17 Jeremy Kittredge (JPI) and Keith Wallington (JPI) [Governor Hogan, Don’t echo President Trump on crime]

Senate [YouTube]
House [YouTube]
Written testimony [.pdf]

Senate Bill 122
[summary] [amendments] [original text of SB 122